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Dog Chews From Deer

For when you want to talk about man's best friend.

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Dog Chews From Deer

Postby muskrat30 » Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:54 am

Like most our dog loves a good chew, German Shepherd. We bagged a few deer over the weekend and I thought I would try to get a part to enjoy. In the past I gave her a whole leg up to the elbow, it was a bit excessive, I took it away before she ate to much at one time.

This time I took about 5" of shin bone, hair & all. I cut them off with a bone type saw. After she ate the hair & hide off she continued to enjoy it very much, nice & fresh. The bone seems very hard & durable, though my testing is still ongoing.

Just an idea if you want to see a smile on one of your best friends. She also has a smallish antler she likes, but it's a bit old and bland.
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