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cva inline buckhorn magnum advise

If you've never fired a muzzleloader or relatively new to Muzzleloading and are just interested in finding out more about them this is the place to ask. Inlines, sidelocks, or smokeless, all questions are good ones! Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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cva inline buckhorn magnum advise

Postby 12bhunting » Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:40 pm

Bought my first ML today. I picked it up second hand but it looks brand new. It came with all the tools but no manual or instructions. I picked up some of the 777 pellets and a pack of TC xtp 240gr hollow points from wal mart. The guy I bought it from kinda gave me a brief 3 minute rundown about the gun so I do have a little knowledge, just not much. Everyone I have talked to about a ML uses the pellets, but at $13 for 24 it seems pretty pricey, so I plan on going to loose powder. Going by the prices it is cheaper to shoot my 30-06 than pellets and sabots ect. Any suggestions on where to start as far as brand to use and brands to stay away from? I am assuming I can contact the company to get a copy of the owners manual ect. Thanks for any advise.

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Postby cayuga » Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:33 pm

You can go to CVA and download the manual. The Buckhorn is much like my CVA Staghorn. The only difference is yours has two locking lugs screws and mine has one.

Get some loose Pyrodex RS and try 90 grains of powder and a 250 grain .452 Hornady XTP in a black harvester crushed rib sabot. I think you will like the way they shoot. Shockwaves also shoot real well out of the rifle.
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