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FNG w/ Dumb(?) Question...

No straight out of the box muzzleloaders here! The sky's the limit!

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FNG w/ Dumb(?) Question...

Postby Hammerspur » Sat Feb 09, 2008 6:38 am

I see many references here to pushing bore size conicals out of various caliber barrels. I'm under the impression it's easier to get a good working load with sabots... :?:
Is this bore-size discussion only due to differing state laws, many of which preclude use of sabot rounds, or are there other advantages of which this semi-informed newbie here knows not?

Not to Spam-up the place, but this post is going to appear in "Smokeless" too.


P.S: I'm wanting to get an SMI .45 cal slow twist made up and looking for input... SavageBrother, where art thou?
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