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  1. GregK
    GregK Angie
    Why am I seeing an “insufficient privileges” message restricting my comments?
  2. gle3105
    gle3105 ourway77
    Just read the ad. “ 200 + shipping if doesn't sell I'll keep it“:
    I’m in WV. Zip 25414. $220 do it?
  3. MMDC
    MMDC halloflin
    Seems a shame there's not another way for someone to advise ourway77 of my interest. Hate to see ourway77 miss a good chance to sell his rifle.
    1. halloflin
      I understand but this policy has been in place for a long time. It is used to protect our members that have items for sale. We have had several times where someone got scammed so we want to see posts from a new member as well as a waiting period for buying/selling. This is very common and our 25 post minimum is very liberal. I am a member of another forum where you are required to have 100 posts.
      Sep 11, 2019
  4. MMDC
    MMDC halloflin
    New to forum and mostly computer inept. Been trying to respond to post of OURWAY77 regarding optima for sale but I'm uncertain if my message was received due to limitation of responding without having made sufficient posts. Any other way to contact OURWAY77 or is there a particular manner in which I should proceed? Thanks.
    1. halloflin
      Forum guidelines are that you need a minimum of 25 posts before you can send PM or reply to a Classified sale.
      Sep 11, 2019
  5. BadgerRidge
    Make it your ambition to live a quiet live and work with your hands....
  6. Flinter62
    Flinter62 halloflin
    Flinter62 unless taken then the second one
    1. halloflin
      Sep 11, 2019
  7. Flinter62
    Flinter62 halloflin
    Hello I have been wondering how to change my username to Flinter62 or Flintlock62
    1. halloflin
      Which one do you want?
      Sep 7, 2019
  8. TR1Hemi
    TR1Hemi Semisane
    Did you ever sell the stainless Huntsman? I can respond there, it says I have insufficient posts. I joined just to ask about it, I came across the post on a google search, lol.
  9. coleyslawn
    coleyslawn ourway77
    Is this still for sale? I was referring to the cva optima v2
  10. John Peterson
    John Peterson
    Located in southern Oregon
  11. RoJo
    RoJo Angie
    Hello Angie,

    Is there a feature that allows a member to delete a post? While typing earlier I rapidly hit the return "twice," and instead of beginning a new paragraph I assume it "posted" my thread. It is under the thread "New to Muzzleloading" titled BH 209. Thank you in advance for assistance.

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    2. Angie
      Please give me the thread link, or just report it and whichever mod is here the fastest will be able to help you.
      Aug 12, 2019
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    3. RoJo
    4. Angie
      This first one, I cannot delete the posts as there are others in it and if I delete the first post the whole thread will go away. The second one is gone.
      Aug 13, 2019
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  12. donparadowski
    donparadowski Panhandle
    RE: the h & R huntsman 12 ga. muzzleloader

    What is the ignition method. You pix are taken from so far away. Do you have more pix?
  13. gle3105
    gle3105 LBAhunter
    I didn’t get a notice that you replied. Sorry for my tardiness in replying.
    I tried to refresh the For Sale about the pistol as to remind me of terms and I couldn’t find.
    My mail gle3105
  14. gle3105
    gle3105 LBAhunter
    Still have the cva pistol?
    1. LBAhunter
      yes, I do.
      Jul 8, 2019
  15. GAPatriot
    Doing Patriot Stuff......
  16. knight shooter
    knight shooter
    If I get to today I will ship tomorrow
  17. knight shooter
    knight shooter
  18. tnbear
    tnbear knight shooter
    I'll need a email to do paypal. It would be faster this way and it comes right from my bank account.
    How much is the total?
  19. tnbear
    tnbear knight shooter
    Hello Knight Shooter,
    My husband is working now and ask me to pay you, How do I do this?
    Our address is
    Barry Weaver
    5700 Eagles Cove Rd
    Byrdstown, Tn 38549
  20. tnbear
    tnbear knight shooter
    Barry Weaver