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  1. gle3105
    gle3105 LBAhunter
    Still have the cva pistol?
    1. LBAhunter
      yes, I do.
      Jul 8, 2019
  2. GAPatriot
    Doing Patriot Stuff......
  3. knight shooter
    knight shooter
    If I get to today I will ship tomorrow
  4. knight shooter
    knight shooter
  5. tnbear
    tnbear knight shooter
    I'll need a email to do paypal. It would be faster this way and it comes right from my bank account.
    How much is the total?
  6. tnbear
    tnbear knight shooter
    Hello Knight Shooter,
    My husband is working now and ask me to pay you, How do I do this?
    Our address is
    Barry Weaver
    5700 Eagles Cove Rd
    Byrdstown, Tn 38549
  7. tnbear
    tnbear knight shooter
    Barry Weaver
  8. tnbear
    tnbear knight shooter
    I want to pay you, can I do this thru paypal?
  9. j_jim
    j_jim Hac
    New here came looking for gun info and son wants me to purchase this go pro for him. Name is Jim 7572971835
    1. Hac
      Hey Jim welcome to this great forum. Give me a call or shoot me a text 6024819866 Adam
      Jun 15, 2019
  10. 1AZHunter
    1AZHunter Angie
    Hi Angie,
    Can you tell me How to change my username ?
    1. Angie
      I have to do it for you. What name would you like to use?
      Jun 3, 2019
  11. D55
    D55 Dougs136Schwartz
    Doug, check with buckeye68, Mark Clemons on Hank's board, he has been making his own stocks with some help from a friend. Maybe he can hook you up.
  12. edmehlig
    edmehlig steve egan
    What do you want to know?
    1. steve egan
      steve egan
      If you know of any for sale. Steve
      May 26, 2019
  13. 52Bore
    52Bore 03mossy
    I believe 45-70 was just having fun with the ‘Weber Shooting System’. I just played along with my reply back referencing it will not be out until 2020 with bogus fee stuff, Similar to the infomercials selling junk..
  14. steve egan
    steve egan
    Interested in ALL White muzzleloaders. Especially Super 91and Model 97 and 98.
  15. edmehlig
    edmehlig Jamie Hardwick
    Jamie, email me at my personal email address Regarding your bullets with your new Lyman ML.

  16. Kyle Richard Maloney
    Kyle Richard Maloney
    Brand new to this forum
  17. Checkmate
    Checkmate Jimmer
    Hi Jimmer,

    I saw your reply in my post on being new to muzzleloading. I like the tubes that you use and was wondering where you get them? I don't need you to send any along, just curious what the product is so I can pick some up, I have seen multiple types but haven't found the ones you have.

    1. Jimmer
      They are from my own supply. I purchased a large lot to sell. I sell them on ebay.
      Apr 30, 2019
    2. Checkmate
      oh ok, do you have a link to your ebay store? Thanks!
      May 1, 2019
    3. Jimmer
      In between houses right now so if you could give me a couple of months I will have them up again. I think I could dig a few out of my storage unit and send them.
      May 4, 2019
  18. bulletbusiness
    bulletbusiness SteveH
    so do you want the .503s or .504s?
  19. jlynch75
    I'm retired from USAF and The Bank of New York. Spent as much time as a can hunting and fishing.
  20. Burkeboy
    Burkeboy WVAED
    Ok, got it