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  1. alternate
  2. goco4game
    goco4game Angie
    I was just trying to reply on the Inline ML forum, under the thread, "I've Gotta A Question", and was not able to. It says, "(You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)" and "Not open for further replies." Can you please fix this for me? Thanks.
    1. Angie
      You need about 13 more posts before you can post there.
      Mar 5, 2019
  3. muzzlestuffer
    muzzlestuffer sabotloader
    I work in a data center and get free services just wondering if some way I can help in that area can you share any details of set up and your costs I can look into helping out ?
  4. muzzlestuffer
  5. 41Scout
    41Scout twild
    I see that you're looking at getting your first White. I have a White Lightning 504 available. I don't have enough posts to list it in the classified section. If it's something you might be interested in I can email pictures. Thanks Brian
  6. 41Scout
    41Scout badgerfarm
    What value (price) do you have on your White 410? Thanks Brian
  7. 1874sharpsshooter
    1874sharpsshooter Angie
    Can you please delete my account
    1. Angie
      You're account has been disabled. Sorry to see you leave.
      Feb 18, 2019
  8. Dennis Stankovitz
    Dennis Stankovitz
    Looking for 40 caliber 195grain Barnes expanders for my 45 caliber CVAS
  9. Rodeo
    Rodeo Hatchet Jack
    Ok ill be out of town for the weekend
    My number 801 2319860
    2995 west 14750.South bluffdale ut
  10. Hatchet Jack
    Hatchet Jack Rodeo
    Hey Rodeo,
    Just getting my mailing address to you for the Breech Plug swap if you are still interested. Let me know.
    Thanx, Joe

    Joe Lawler
    10054 Mt. Tabor Rd
    Myersville, Md. 21773

    Cell # just in case you need to get in touch with me (301) 788-3446
  11. PPC
    PPC Bill V
    I have a knight wolverine muzzleloader with a 26in barrel and the 209 ignition. I was wanting some more information on using the blackhorn powder.
    Thank you,
  12. 52Bore
    52Bore 451whitworth
    Saw you post on Nipple hole size. Not sure if your reference to my musket nipple 0.039" is correct? I've never made a PT nipple (or any nipple) over 0.031". Unless requested otherwise, my #11 are drilled 0.026" and Musket nipples 0.028", the latter being the past year or 2, previously same as #11.
  13. muzzlestuffer
    muzzlestuffer Admin
    What's the deal with tap talk not working anymore ?
  14. Rodeo
    Rodeo BB
    I'm interested in your whites
  15. Jonathan Palmer
    Jonathan Palmer ShawnT
    Hello. I read a bit of a thread you were involved in regarding a knight rifles mk 95. I have one, chambered in 54 cal. I don't have any sort of breach plug for it so it is basically a parts gun. Do you have any idea what a fair price for selling it would be?
  16. Rodeo
    Rodeo COLOelkman
    Checking on what you have for sale
  17. Blackpowder8bore
    Trying to learn
  18. PanhandleJP
    Straight Shooter
  19. ourway77
    ourway77 dbowling
    Will take the omega if the inside of the barrel is free of pitting give me your tp# or you can call me 443-690-1085 Thanks Lou
  20. Striker59
    Looking for a Thompson center omega