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    2 beautys knight .45

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    2 beautys knight .45

    well have you shot in recent Inline Matches at Friendship These were used before everyone started using the customs and BH209 , do you know Fred Lott , used to be a smith for Knight years back
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    2 beautys knight .45

    these are 18 twist and used at Friendship
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    2 beautys knight .45

    got chance to get these
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    Old Mexico coues

    nice hunting Luke
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    A point some might be missing how do you word out a .40 cal patched roundball
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    American Gun Craft

    sounds to me like a good home invader weapon
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    You can load a BPCR the same way , so i wonder if this would be legal ,
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    cleaning BPCR , What are you using

    These are used to wipe between shots while shooting PP bullets
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    kind of a low BC isn't it
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    How about a BPCR Sub Forum? (Black Powder Cartridge)

    not bad first time out You shoot Iron sights or scope
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    Base is a variable you have no control over and same as sabot
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    Nipple Life, BIG Lead, BIG Powder Charges

    I think reason is you have larger area over a smaller bore pressure is more concentrated
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    Nipple Life, BIG Lead, BIG Powder Charges

    If it was me I wouldn't use them you don't know when they will go
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    .50 Cal 1-24 Twist RICE Barrel, 100 Yard 3 Shot Group (Sub MOA)

    you have a Elk killer there and a good 500 yd rifle