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    I Like this Gal

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    Mossberg 835 slugster

    Call Ballistic Products. I'll bet they can solve your problems for you. If they can't recommend a suitable commercially loaded slug that will cure the problem, then I bet they can recommend a soft-recoiling, 3.5" slug handload that will.
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    Hello from Zagreb, Croatia

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    My new flintlock

    The first time I shouldered, and shot, my Golden Age Arms Company, semi-custom, .45 caliber Douglas barreled, brass-mounted w/engraved Daisy-head patchbox, Siler flintlock, curly maple long rifle at age 17 I fell HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with the rifle. I was already conceptually in love with...
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    Modified Patriot Breech Plug

    In an earlier thread re the Patriot rifle, Mark indicated that he had made (1-2?) 20 gauge, 0.620" bore diameter, prototype black powder/BH209 barrels to fit on the current Patriot frame. And, if I was willing to wait as long as it might take, he would be willing to order/fabricate such a...
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    Modified Patriot Breech Plug

    I am ignorant of the significance of the flat primer anvil. What does it signify, excess pressure?
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    Modified Patriot Breech Plug

    YOU shot that poor bottle's top right off!! GOOD SHOOTING!!!
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    Modified Patriot Breech Plug

    Do you think bestill will make a breech plug for the Woodman Patriot with a removable vent liner? I am seriously considering one of these guns in a 20 gauge smoothbore, and would want the most trouble free breech plug possible.
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    Bestill custom .32 in the woods

    One of the 1st Gen German/American machinists that I worked with as a teenager would have his wife make sour rabbit, and sour squirrel, and dumplings any time some co-worker would bring in some wild game. I got to taste it, and I really liked it compared to sour beef and dumplings.
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    No Excuse bullets

    I agree with the above two statements. Start low, and work your way up. No sense in pounding your shoulder to death for no good reason. Purchase a pkg. each of .54 &.58 caliber dry wool wads before you start shooting. The cost is minimal, and you will be able to test immediately, whether or...
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    No Excuse bullets

    What rate of twist?
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    Can you feel the burn?

    You take incredibly good pics that are uploaded so that they are clear, with very good color resolution. One of my major pet peeves is someone trying to sell a black powder rifle, traditional or inline, that has poor images. Or, not enough images of the areas of a used rifle that EVERY SINGLE...
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    Investarms .50 Hawken Value

    The guy that runs Frontier Muzzleloading Forum has made an art form out of refurbishing these older Italian & Spanish muzzleloading rifles, especially the "Hawkens". The walnut hidden under the thick finish is often quite beautiful. For $107.00 that rifle is a real good bargin.
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    Custom rifles

    What is Mr. Bergmann's backlog?
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    So little blood

    My take on your question is the use of pistol and rifle bullets in sabots at muzzleloading velocities that only punch a caliber, or slightly over caliber sized hole through a deer's body. Deer are considered soft-bodied big game animals. Easy to shoot through. As Ron's bullet testing here at...