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    "DUNAMIS" by Bestill Creations LLC

    It looks like your group is centered about .5" to the right. You might want to fine tune the point of impact before publishing a picture like that! Just kidding. It was a great group. It seems you have a great rifle/load combination.
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    Non-ML deer rifles?

    I have been using a Remington 700 .30-06 since 1984. I have used other rifles, but seem to kill most of my game with that old Model 700. Recently,I bought a 1981 Winchester Model 70 Featherweight in .270. It is a great shooter. I'll probably be using it this year (at least part of the time).
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    Vortex Viper HST or Sightron SIII

    Where are Vortex scopes made? I looked at their on-line catalog, and didn't see it mentioned anywhere.
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    Choice of scope

    Between the two, I'd choose the 2-7x. Have it mounted as low as possible. It will be plenty of scope for hunting anything you'll be hunting with a muzzle loader.
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    54 caliber sabots for .429 bullets

    I still have them. Send me your address, and I'll send them to you.
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    Remington 700ml

    Re: Remington 700ml I have a Remington 700 ML in 54 cal. I have the Canadian 209 primer conversion, and It is a really good shooting rifle. I use T7 and Winchester 209 primers, and it does all I ask of it. It helps if you wrap the breech plug threads with teflon tape. This reduces blowback...
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    Ruger 77/50 design question

    I wonder if teflon tape around the threads of the breach plug would cut down on the fouling. I know it really helps my Remington 700ML.
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    ABO (USA) Scope repair

    My rifle fell out of a canoe last deer season, and, when I found it an hour later, my Redfield Widefield 2x7 scope was fogged. Since I bought this scope in 1979, I guess the seals had dried out. The lifetime guaranty had expired when the company expired, so after searching on the internet, I...
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    UFO or Big Foot

    All I see is the deer.
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    Cleaning inline muzzleloader at the range?

    I use loose 777, and have never used anything but plain water to wet my patches. They clean it well. I then run a dry patch through the barrel, and finish it with a patch with RemOil on it. My rifle is stainless steel, and it always looks clean after I've clean it.
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    rem 700 muzzle loader

    I have one that i bought about 13 years ago. I have the Canadian 209 primer conversion kit in mine. I use teflon tape on the threads of the breech plug, and blowback is not bad. Mine shoots really well. I have killed several deer with mine, and it does a great job. I shoot a Remington 700...
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    What's the future for 54 caliber

    I have 2 54 caliber muzzleloaders. One is a T/C Hawken, and the other is a Remington 700MLS . I shoot Sabots in the Remington, and the bullets I use (.451 cal.) could be used in a 50 caliber just as well. I have tried .500 pistol bullets in sabots, but they don't shoot as good as the .451's...
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    Rem 700 ML weight

    I have a Remington 700 ML Stainless in 54 cal. With it's 24 inch barrel, I weighed it out of the stock and without the scope or ramrod. It does have Redfield two piece scope bases. It weighed 3 lbs and 11 oz. with the bolt and trigger in it. Hope this helps you.
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    300g XTP--Jugs

    They seem to retain their weight well. I've killed several deer with both the 250 gr and 300 gr .451 XTP, and they always seem to drop a deer in their tracks.
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    300g XTP--Jugs

    What did the recovered bullet weigh? I recovered a .451 250 gr. XTP out of dirt at 100 yards. It had been shot out of a Remington 700 ML with 90 grains of Triple 7. The recovered weight of the 250 gr. bullet was 241 grains. I was impressed. Just interested in how much of your recovered...