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    Lube or no lube?

    Seems I recall one of Doc White's articles recommending lubing the White sabots. But I have never seen a need to do so.
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    In Stock Percussion Caps

    With the free shipping code, find at least $49 worth of other eligible stuff and they don't charge for regular shipping, just the hazmat which is $12. At least it worked for me. RWS 1075 Plus Percussion Caps #11 Box of 2500 (10 Cans of 250)
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    Fed 209ML primer size

    209 Muzzleloading Primer Maybe these are just rebranded Federal Fusion primers? Either way, I was hoping someone could provide some dimensions.
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    Fed 209ML primer size

    I looked through that thread before asking the question and maybe I overlooked it, but I don't see Federal 209MLs, just regular Fed 209s and 209As.
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    Fed 209ML primer size

    Has anyone measured the Federal 209ML primers? Thanks.
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    Speer deepcurl 300 grain recommendations

    I have only shot the DC with a Harvester short black but had good accuracy out of a DISC rifle. I just ordered the 500 pack and some crush ribs to try. I may try the long blacks as well just for comparison but hoping for good results in the rifles with the crush rib.
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    BH 209 cleaning and bore lube

    And to clarify, don't use gun solvent with 777 like you do with BH209.
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    BH 209 cleaning and bore lube

    For storage I do just like a centerfire. When I go to load it next time, I run a dry patch through a couple times then a patch with 90% plus alcohol to remove the oil. Make sure the breech plus is clear of oil as well.
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    BH 209 cleaning and bore lube

    Clean with regular gun solvent and use the same oil as I do for centerfires for storage. Have never used bore butter and most on here don't either best I can tell. If you decide to shoot 777, lube with synthetic oil and not petroleum based.
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    Scope Advice Needed

    Made in China or the Philippines?
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    And no Knights on muzzle-loaders.com??
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    GOOD NEWS !!!!

    They didn't take Plaquenil, they took chloroquine phosphate, a fish tank cleaner. Of course the media implied it was DJT's fault.
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    FOR SALE For any Bowhunters

    It's a great price for everything shipped. I am at a crossroads with shoulder and chronic tennis elbow issues trying to decide if I should keep trying to use a compound or get a blasted crossbow. What I shoot now is around 55# with a pretty smooth single cam. I imagine this one has a little...
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    FOR SALE For any Bowhunters

    If it was a 50/60# I would have most likely had to get it from you.