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    Muzzleloader tool box/range box

    Stalwart makes some nice loading blocks that work great for bullets and powder. That is if you're not in the mood to make your own or have the brain power like myself.😀
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    These are headed to the lake tomorrow

    Post some photos of the catch. Great looking lures!
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    Airguns! What are you shootin?

    I have a Benjamin Prowler .22 with a replacement trigger and a 3-9 mill dot scope. Shooting 14.6 H&N pellets. Shoots real good about 696 fps out the chrono. Took out a Collard Dove at 50 yards. The mill dots are great for long shots. Shooting it in the basement lately at some home made targets.
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    A little humor

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    A little humor

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    A little humor

    Here's one you've probably heard: Two men walk into a bar. One says to the other: " That man at the bar looks familiar do you recognize him?" The other man says: "I know him and I'll give you a clue so you can figure out who he is. Brothers and sisters I have non but that man's father is my...
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    A little humor

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    Muzzleloader scopes
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    What is everybody's favorite inline

    Knight Disc Elite 50 w/Conquest scope.
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    Been too long.....

    I like them all!! I wonder how they would work in my neck of the woods? Do you sell them?
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    A piece of extra wood

    Nicely done! But for those of us busy vacuuming and scrubbing floors, Stalwart loading blocks are a great option. They can be purchased on Ebay or website. They are affordable and well made.
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    Anyone in Salt Lake UT area hunting.

    I just moved from Salt Lake area to Centerfield. Lived, hunted, fished Utah all my life. Not a trophy hunter so I don't have a honey hole but have information for meat hunters. Could use some information myself in my new area of the state. Will give information via PM if interested.
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    I hope this is a useful tool. Thanks!
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    What Bullet is everyone using ?

    This is a Speer 260 grain .451 JHP shot nice mule deer at 300 plus yards. Weight retention was near 100 percent. Buck dropped where he stood.
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    Getting back into muzzleloading which rifle to get ?

    IMHO it depends on what you're looking for. Features: ease of use, cleaning, etc.. The Knight Disc is a great muzzle loader and the discs make for quick and easy shooting, they just tend to be messy to clean. The Thompsons are good rifles as well but as with other rifles similar to this I have...