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    I received a package yesterday. 31 days from PA. to Maryland. I have another that was shipped Dec.21 from Chicago that has yet to be delivered. To call this Snail Mail is being derogatory to snails.
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    CVA Paramount .45

    To lower POI you need to raise your front sight. You will need a taller front sight.
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    Tk2000 knight clearance

    Why do you want to shoot beagles? :rolleyes:
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    CVA Paramount Update

    GunBroker Item # 858345617 $699.19 FREE Shipping, No Credit Card Fees.
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    CVA Paramount Update

    As do I but CVA advised it is not a factory option. Must be aftermarket. Good Morning, That is not a factory option. Thanks, Camaran Waddell Customer Service Rep BPI Outdoors
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    need a small funnel for reloading in the field

    Midway has over 30 powder funnels listed on their website. https://www.midwayusa.com/powder-funnels/br?cid=19635