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    Up coming risky surgery

    Anymore, when I have to have surgery, I always think it's probably the best of the two options. Blessings to you James, may the Lord be with you.
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    Converting a Lyman flintlock to a Chamber's Siler lock?

    Good morning. A little research showed, when I first got my Lyman, that a good lock cost as much as my entire rifle, so little fine tuning was in order. The thing I discovered that made the flint work the best was to put them in bevel upside down. This was hard to do with some flints, so I made...
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    What powder in new round ball gun

    I hope you didn't take my statement, "much easier to clean", to mean that I didn't have to clean. Even though my caps are noncorrosive, I know there still is a danger from the 777. That said, one swab of CVA #13 patch down the barrel works fine until I get home and when I pump soapy water...
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    What powder in new round ball gun

    I started out in the late 80s with a percussion and all I had access to was pyrodex and it worked just fine. It was a Hawkins design so cleaning was a snap as the barrel came off easy. Never had any problems with rust or corrosion that I see posted on the sites. Fast forward 15 years, I bought a...
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    Analog Scales vs. Digital Scales

    I still have, and occasionally use, my first beam scale, which is a Redding that only went to 325 grains. It has an oil dampening set up that stops the beam oscillations and that part works fine, but it is a little messy. Finally upgraded to an electronic jewelry scale that goes to 1000...
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    Age & Hunting

    Perhaps I was lucky, as I was raised on a ranch. My dad had quit school after finishing the eighth grade, and that was the only thing he really knew so he raised sheep. Being a country kid I had many chances to hunt at an early age, and did. Now I'm equipped with many grandchildren and only two...
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    safety harnesses

    This is kind of the same page, when I turned 79 I quit taking the tree stand and went to a ground blind instead. Common sense finally caught up with me. I had always used ladder stands, though difficult to put up, always seemed safer. Now none of them seem safe. Squint
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    Age & Hunting

    Yes, I'm still hunting, tried to kill a deer last year with my flintlock, but the weather turned to rain, snow and mud and caution being the better part of Valor, I gave it up before I hurt myself. This year I put in for two antelope tags, hopefully I get one in the upcoming drawing and I'm...
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    Off Hand Shooting

    Hi Bruce. I'm sure ages got much to do with it, I'm 81 and this winter I purchased the shortest barrel, lightest, percussion 50 caliber rifle that I could find, (it weighs 5 3/4 lbs), and I don't do real good with it either. Squint
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    Off Hand Shooting

    As one who believes you should only shoot off hand at things like flying birds, it's fine for those that punch paper. As a NRA small arms instructor and hunter safety instructor in Montana, we spend quite a bit of time trying to teach the kids that when shooting at deer, anything was better...
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    Cleaning a Sidelock

    Does it need the argon to create phosgene? (I’m not a chemist). I am only dealing with oxy-acetylene welding, but, I’ve heard different refrigerants, when exposed to acids (burnout) and heat can cause phosgene gas. I’ve been hit by some nasty stuff a time or two while changing a compressor...
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    Cleaning a Sidelock

    thank you for posting that, it is a very interesting safety alert. I've used it on stuff for years, not in large amounts, a little goes a long ways, but I wasn't aware of that danger, but that's why I posted what the ingredient was. I've noticed that it evaporates at a pretty fast clip and I...
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    Cleaning a Sidelock

    I was quite impressed with the pictures of which you got with that steamer after cleaning your muzzleloader in the regular way. Like all muzzleloading shooters, I love to experiment. There was a product that I used for several years called Brakleen. It's good for cleaning brake parts when...
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    Stimulus spending

    Hi Bruce. I thought I should mention another side of the coin. For every rifle that I own, there seems to be a better manufactured one someplace. My old 270 pump was just a common Remington 760, and my very best 22 pump was a secondhand Winchester in 1962. I don't doubt that the flintlocks...
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    777 ffg vs BH209

    I didn't mention that I was shooting loose 777, or the fact that it is 3F equivalent. I'm right on the borderline for either 2F or 3F, all the good books say that 50 caliber can use either. I've never tried ffg in 777 but I would think it would work equivalently as well. Squint