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    Lita’s Turkey

    My wife calls my reloading bldg out back "my power room". Looks like that porch, nowadays it's called "Patina" till I get off of my Pelosi and paint it this summer LOL...Trader (Mossie)
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    How about a BPCR Sub Forum? (Black Powder Cartridge)

    One of my 1884s is a really nice SRC..I've shot all of my TD at one time or another. My wife is the one who likes the old springfields !!!....................Trader
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    How about a BPCR Sub Forum? (Black Powder Cartridge)

    Love it !! I load for my '66 and 68 Springfield trapdoors and a Sharps SRC all in 50/70 plus have a #1 in 45/70. Also 2 ea 1884 Trapdoors I load for but don't shoot often. Maybe this would get me off of my pelosi with renewed interest..............................................Trader
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    Sportsmans Warehouse

    I had a small part-time gunshop in Kimball just West of Sidney Ne. Knew the Cabela bros when they had a small store in the old John Deere bldg by the railroad track overpass there. A TRUE bargain basement where I could buy offbeat ( to most) cal reloading supplies like 375, 35, 45 rifle, slow...
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    A first time for everything

    Chinese? steel. Had a HD double valve spring break and trash a new 455 HP Olds engine for me. You could see the flaw where it seperated.......Trader AKA Mossie
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    Old Age Sucks

    ditto at 75!
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    HUGE mistake at Cabelas

    A friend of my wife's in Virginia emailed her last night and said her husband had bought a pistol and was looking for ammunition. Cindy asked "rimfire or centerfire" He didn't know! He said he had a new PPK/.22 and wasn't sure. He wanted something to protect his family. A recipe for disaster...
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    New from Washington State

    Ditto from S/C Wyoming
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    Opinions on Burris

    Always good service with Burris and the mini is one of my favorites on a light caliber, light rifle especially the cross-hair dot reticule as on my Savage 17 WSM , my custom #3 Ruger .22K hornet and finally my Savage/Stevens .22 mag over 410 combo....Trader in Wyo
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    New guy

    New to this forum but not to some of it's users as mossie. I too, love the underhammers. One of my efforts with a H&A action (my fav) Wood is Russian Olive, no collusion. This is a switch barrel with 50 and 54 cal barrels thanx to Pecatonica river rifles conversions. I've taken 4 pronghons here...