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  1. J

    SOLD For sale .... Unfired white tominator with four chokes, wrench, box, instructions, ram rod, wads, extra nipple, ray eye call

    for sale .... White tominator. Condition unfired. In 1997, I purchased a white tominator from a gun Shop in ks. the bill of sales says used as,it was their demo or rack gun for showing what they had for sale. The gun was listed in Shotgun news. I got the gun and there are two rash spots...
  2. J

    Considering selling a white tominator??? Considerations

    I have a white tominator that has never been fired. Before considering selling this Shotgun, what considerations should be taken about shipping once sold in the lower 48? packaging.... Just put it into the original box? Separate box for the accessories so they do not rattle about and get...
  3. J

    Old manuals

    I have a tc, traditions, cva, browning 1885, and cva shotgun manuals. Any interests? should I post , forget, or does anyone want these? No charge.
  4. J

    Carter hello

    I am new to the forum.... An old retired guy in Tulsa, okla. I retired three years ago. I started m loading in about 1975. I got a 1864 bridesberg 58. I shot it a bit ... Shot mini balls but it was very inaccurate. went to round balls and pillow ticking but the barrel was not good...