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    Action Strength vs Safety?

    As I have mentioned several times in other threads, I would be interested in a Scout Rifle SML build. But, I have been reliably informed that to get the weight down anyplace close to Scout Rifle specs will require a small sized action, coupled with a slim contoured barrel. In addition to a...
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    Growing Potatoes

    Anybody grow potatoes in large, 30-gallon, breathable fabric grow bags? Using chopped leaves, or clean straw, to mulch/hill the potatoes in the bag as the plant grows upwards? Allowing for a clean potato when harvested? Reason I asked is I got an e-mail from Amazon for all different sizes of...
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    Doc White

    Just letting everyone know that DOC is very busy with his medical practice vis-a-vis the Covid-19 crisis. This has cut drastically into the amount of time each day that he can devote to muzzleloading in any form. He told me several mimutes ago that he can only average 1.5 hours per day, down...
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    Spain's Contribution to the American Revolution

    Over on the American Longrifles Forum, a thread on the Spanish Escopeta smootbore revealed some surprising information to me. First, that Spain sent 18,000 muskets to Washington's army to arm themselves against the British. Second, that Havana, Cuba sent the equivalent of several millions of...
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    IDEAL Hunting Muzzleloaders

    WHAT ARE YOUR IDEAL HUNTING, NOT RECREATIONAL, OR TARGET SHOOTING MUZZLELOADING WEAPONS? A. SIDELOCK 1. Rifle 2. Smoothbore B. INLINE 1. Rifle 2. Shotgun Please specify brand of weapon, lock type, ignition source, barrel manufacturer, bore size, rate of rifling twist, wad...
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    PA Conicals?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Hornady PA Conical in their Optima V2 pistol? Perhaps, with a wool wad over the powder charge to help seal the grooves? Seems like it might be an inexpensive way to practice one's handgun shooting skills if the PA conical would work in the Optima's barrel.
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    Do Sized Bullets Stay Sized?

    For those of you that take manufactured bullets, copper jacketed, solid copper, etc.; and size them down to fit the bores of your rifles..... Do those bullets remain at the diameter that you size them to indefinitely, or do they eventually return to their original diameter? I am curious if...
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    Inline Cappers

    I just received a Thompson/Center, #31007219, U-view In-Line 209 Capper. As it was on sale at Midway USA, I grabbed it as a back-up for the Ted Cash brass 209 inline capper. To use on the Optima V2 pistol. Anyone have any experience with this capper? Thanks
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    Self-Adhesive Labels for Vial Caps

    I just received my 4 dram glass vials from Discount Vials this afternoon. After capping all 144 vials, and installing them in 6 MTM shotshell boxes, I realized that I had forgotten some way to mark each vial with the amount of propellant that was contained in the vial. The vials come with...
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    New Optima V2 Pistol Owners

    Back on April 27, deermanok started a thread where the Optima V2 pistols were back in stock at muzzleloaders.com. Several forum members indicated that they were going to purchase one. Other than Fourbore, has anyone else that purchased one of these pistols taken it out and shot it? If so...
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    YEA!!! Libraries Re-Opening!!!!

    Here in Baltimore, on June 15, 2020, the Enoch Pratt Free Library will start to offer Curb-side Service, as well as Mail-at-home Service. You don't know how much you miss something until it is taken away from you. And access to a first class library is one of those things. I have 7 books that...
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    Free Shipping?

    Ever wondered what free shipping for something that you ordered was worth? Especially something a little bulky? I found out to my detriment this morning at the Post Office. I had to pay $31.55 to send a 9 pound box back to Discount Vials in Madison, Wisconsin. Initially, the cost was to be...
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    Question for Idaholewis?

    The Lyman Plains bullet mold in .50 caliber casts too heavy of a bullet for the CVA Optima V2 pistol. It's max recommended bullet weight is 400 grains, and your Lyman mould is dropping bullets right at 400 grains in pure lead. So, I would like to have Tom at Accurate Molds design a .50 caliber...
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    .400 Cast Bullet for .50 Crush Rib Sabot?

    What is the heaviest/longest, cast lead, no grooves, wide meplat, hunting bullet that I am going to be able to fit into a Harvester, dark blue, .50 caliber, Crush Rib Sabot designed for .400 diameter bullets? The number is H15040BL I am looking for Tom at Accurate Molds to help me design a...
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    Analog Scales vs. Digital Scales

    When weighing powder charges for BH209 & Swiss black powder, should one have an analog powder scale to check the accuracy of a digital powder scale? Edit: I purchased the Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Pocket Digital Reloader's Scale. Any suggestions on a analog balance beam scale? The one I like is...
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    Tools for First Inline

    The tools I am going to need to shoot, and maintain my Optima V2 pistol have slowly been arriving at my address. I now have the following on hand, or in the delivery pipeline--- The prices reflect the cost of shipping, where applicable ....... 1. Lehigh Defense BP-BP-C1 BH209 Bare Primer...
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    Age & Hunting

    How old are you, and do you still hunt? I called DOC White last night at 7 P.M. Mountain Time to speak with him regarding my Optima V2 pistol's laminated Javelina stocks. His lovely wife answered the phone, only to inform me that he was STILL OUT TURKEY HUNTING!!!!! For his second turkey of...
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    Anyone Purchased a New Cell Phone Lately?

    I dropped my old, (3+ years), cell phone several hours ago, cracking the glass screen badly, as well as the battery cover. Electricians tape now rules the day!! I was due for a new phone anyway, but was planning on waiting until next month. C'est la vie!!! My current phone is a Samsung. Could...
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    Covid-19 Delayed Shipping?

    My orders from Amazon, Optics Planet, Midway USA, Black Rock Canyon, Lehigh Defense, and others are either starting to ship, or have arrived at my address. None of these companies, from small to large, have but the vaguest idea when the item/s a person orders is going to ship. Sometimes the...
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    Ramrod for Barrel with Brake?

    When my Optima V2 pistol has the MZ-REX 2 muzzle brake installed, I am going to need a longer ramrod to fit under the barrel. What are my options? Should I just order a couple of short Gunn Innovations Ramrods from Spin Jag? Drilled and tapped on both ends for 10-32 female threads? Of the...