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  1. gmay

    Another ML accident

    The bullet most likely migrated up off of the powder charge. Probably stuck to the ramrod tip. Unfortunate, but it can happen if you don't check for it. Powerbelts and other bullets like them are easy to load but that easy loading comes at a price, if they go down easy, they can move up easy too.
  2. gmay

    new gun real muzzle loaders

    I'm an equal opportunity muzzleloader, I shoot and love them all.
  3. gmay

    FOR SALE Lots Of In-lines and Others

    Still have the Prairie River Arms for sale?
  4. gmay

    SOLD 44 cal 300 gr. XTP bullets (50 count)

    Still for sale?
  5. gmay

    Williams FP - Legend Back in Stock

    What does this sight fit?
  6. gmay


    Though some don't care for him (he's quite a character) Toby's www.namlhunt.com does have a lot of information. Full disclosure, I write there.
  7. gmay

    Odd ball varmints?

    We shoot marmots here.
  8. gmay

    54 caliber sabots for .429 bullets

  9. gmay

    Copper ML with Synthetic stock

    Hntndad, PM sent
  10. gmay

    Copper ML with Synthetic stock

    Forumites, I'd like to express my thanks to all of you for the thoughtful and fast replies. As I have said before, I would love to go to Friendship as it's on my bucket list and a pilgrimage that I have dreamed about for many years. However, I cannot afford to go on my own dime and would need...
  11. gmay

    Copper ML with Synthetic stock

    Hello Forumites, My apologies for being absent from the forum for so long. I noticed this thread after it already had two pages and thought I'd chime in. Well for starters, our official accuracy guarantee for the M22 ML is 2" at 100 yards. That is nowhere near the best it will shoot. During...
  12. gmay

    The Cooper is Here!

    I will attempt to address some concerns expressed on this thread recently. I also noticed that the picture posted in an earlier comment labeled "western classic" is not a picture of a M22 ML action. It is a picture of our Model 52 which is a long action repeater that can handle cartridges up...
  13. gmay

    New Copper Rifle

    Guys, thanks for the interest in the rifle. The synthetics will be available in all sorts of color options. This is also the first one we've done with a fluted barrel. Honestly, the new stock doesn't save any weight. We have filled all of the orders we received for this year (not a bad number...
  14. gmay

    Cooper of Montana - Muzzleloader

    I like the idea of the hex head plug, I'm going to see if that idea can be incorporated.
  15. gmay

    Cooper of Montana - Muzzleloader

    Thank you all for the kind words :) :partyman:
  16. gmay

    Cooper of Montana - Muzzleloader

    I would like to see it really stretch it's legs! I haven't given up on a trip to Friendship either.
  17. gmay

    Cooper of Montana - Muzzleloader

    Yes, it was 110 grains of BH209 & the 300 PT gold with supplied black sabot, according to the write up.
  18. gmay

    Cooper of Montana - Muzzleloader

    I know that not everyone puts any faith in author reviews but I thought this was interesting. He shot 50 shots at 100 yards without wiping the bore. I also copied in the link to the entire review in case anyone wanted to read all the particulars. http://www.namlhunt.com/mltesting-5.html
  19. gmay

    Cooper of Montana - Muzzleloader

    As for stainless or blued, there's only stainless used if you ask for it :) Stainless or blued steel is 100% customer preference.
  20. gmay

    Cooper of Montana - Muzzleloader

    I like the suggestion about the plug being removable with a common tool in a pinch. I'll see about incorporating that idea. Of course I'll still send them out with a nice wrench too :)