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    BH 209 Weight vs Volume

    So I was at the range the other day shooting my CVA at 100 gr BH209 Volume per the load data table. The way I read the table that would be the same as 70 gr by weight but when I started weighing my loads to try and ensure consistency I noticed the 70 gr by weight was only about 90gr by volume...
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    Bullet starters

    This is probably A dumb question but I was at the range today and a friend of mine indicated that my bullet starter was for round balls. Are there different bullet starters for sabot bullets? I have used this one for a while and never gave it any thought. Thanks
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    Recipe for deer

    I upgraded to the .50 Cal Optima and plan on using 209 primer with Blackhorn powder. What round (brand as well as weight) do you recommend I start trying for deer? Thanks in advance
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    CVA closeout

    CVA is having a 2019 close out sale now
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    Nitride or SS

    Need opinions on which barrel is better/resist corrosion and is easier to clean. From what I understand a Nitride barrel is SS just that it has undergone the nitride process which discolors the SS. Opinions and thoughts appreciated.
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    CVA Accura nitride cleaning between shots

    I am looking at getting a new muzzleloader (CVA Accura MR). I am going to shoot Blackhorn powder and snot bullets. My question is for those of you who have this rifle or something simulat do you clean between each shot at the range? Thanks
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    Help me pic a New Muzzleloader

    Hello I am new to muzzleloading (I have a CVA Blackhorn I used a couple of times long ago) and I am going to buy a new one in the near future. I believe I want a break action with the removable breach plug for ease of unloading and cleaning. I want a .50 cal (my old one was .54) because I...
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    CVA Scope

    I see some of the CVA rifles come with scopes already on. Are these scopes (Konus, Konushot, Konuspro) any good or a waste of time in purchasing? I am looking at a .50 Cal model. Thanks Greg