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    Fed 209ML primer size

    Has anyone measured the Federal 209ML primers? Thanks.
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    .44 cal 240 grain XTP

    Does anyone know if there has been a design change with this bullet? The old chart on Chuck Hawks page, assuming to be correct, shows a velocity range of approx 900-1800 fps. New boxes are labeled with a recommended range of 700-1500 fps. https://www.chuckhawks.com/underrated_hornady_XTP.htm
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    Impact scope mount

    I got my son an Impact for Christmas and am looking for input for scope mounts. I am looking at both DNZ and Talley Lightweight, but am unsure if I should get the extended eye relief version for either and would a low mount work for either. I would like to keep the scope as low as possible and...
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    MK-85/BH209 curiosity question

    A close family member has a No.11 Mk-85 and is wondering about the safety and practicality of using a 5 or 10 grain booster of black or a sub to set off BH. He is wanting easier reloading in the field and less corrosion. The flame channel is fairly large and long. Any known issues?
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    Velocity estimate

    Could anyone give me an educated guess or actual results with a (dinosaur bullet) 375gr SSB and 90 grains BH209?
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    Buffalo SSB's

    I found a store that has a good number of SSB's in both 375 and 435, 36 count boxes for around $10. I have never shot them but like an all lead bullet. I know either should shoot ok in a Whitetail, but has anyone tried them in an Accura-even though the manual says not to exceed 300gr in a...
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    Help with bullet selection

    I am looking for a good bullet choice for close deer range-less than 100 yards with many shots around 30-50 yards. I picked up an Accura V1 from Midway late last year and zeroed it with 250 gr. T-EZs and 110 gr. BH209. Between not enough hunting time and only seeing a few small deer, I didn't...