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    2 beautys knight .45

    got chance to get these
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    cleaning BPCR , What are you using

    These are used to wipe between shots while shooting PP bullets
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    B-14 Bergara

    Hornady Black Ammo , 168 grn A-Max. First shot at left , next 3 and believe next 2 were Me. but believe i can get 1/2 MOA with it was in a hurry 100 yds
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    New B-14 Bergara, picked up today in.308
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    Black Powder

    This does not happen very often , 70 by volume equaled 70 by weight , Swiss 2ff
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    b-14 Bergara

    Anyone on here shoot a Bergara?
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    wet wrap bullets

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    Bullet Styles

    both bullets are very suited for 45-70
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    my and my grandsons

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    Memories, Shooting against the Best

    Camp Butner Range , North Carolina. Shot a miss at 900 cost me first place.
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    45-70 Shiloh Sharps

    top picture is grease groove and bottom is paper patch , 421 yds.
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    mould round

    anyone ever use one
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    long wait but here it is
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    compression casting

    Idaholewis, tried your method and can't say enough about it, who says can't teach old dog new trick, Love it.
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    Very Good Luck

    won these at Friendship this weekend
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    Pigs with Flintlock

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    Custom Omega .45

    Spotted for a fellow today. He was shooting his custom Bestill Omega,45 cal. I watched as he opened the Gun case, loaded, posted target was at 100 yds. Cold bore his first shot from the new rifle, it was a X at 11:30. He got up loaded looked at his drop sheet which came with rifle, and adjusted...
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    Match 3 weeks

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    Inline Match RULES

    Here are Rules , Inline Match