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    Load for BH 209 and 460gr No Excuses in .504?

    Is anyone shooting 460gr lead bullets with BH209 in your .504 White's rifle? If so, can you share how many grains of powder haver worked best for you? As an aside, I will be using lubed wool wonder wads to avoid burning the base of the bullets.
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    BH 209 adapter for Whitetail

    I hope you will excuse my ignorance, but I just picked up a Whitetail from Doc along with a BH209 breech plug. The plug kit also came with what looks like a striker/firing pin, But for the life of me I can’t figure out how it integrates with the rifle. There is no hole for the bolt handle, and...
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    Anyone heard from Doc?

    Has anyone heard form Doc lately? I purchased a rifle from his website early last week and overnighted a USPS MO as requested (USPS delivered a day late, but I got a full refund on shipping), but haven't been able to reach him since. I have called and written both e-mail addresses to no avail...