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    I’ve got 5 months

    To determine the best loads for my CVA Optima V2 NW edition. Drew my first choice deer tag and my second choice elk tag. To be honest I just about hit the floor when I saw that. I was told there weren’t as many applicants. I should mention I’m in Oregon. I have Optima dialed in at 60 yards and...
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    Northwest Edition CVA Optima V2

    Since I live in Oregon and primarily hunt in Oregon I decided after many years to purchase an inline muzzleloader for hunting. My old Thompson still works fine but I really wanted the breach plug for ease of cleaning, especially when at camp. A few years ago I bought the Optima V2 Pistol and...
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    Xmass was good!

    Under the tree was a Pietta 1858 New Army target BP pistol. Can't wait to get out and run some lead through it. Going to be a week or more. Highs in the teens and lows in the negatives. From looking online I see some use felt wads between the powder and ball some don't. Anyone here...
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    Howdy from Oregon

    Checking in as a new member. Went out shooting Sunday, purchased a new gun today! Longtime powder head. When I was five my dad shattered his ankle in a work accident and wasn't able to work for close to 6 months. My mom saw a TC Hawkins kit gun in the JC Penny's catalog, bought him a...