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    Time for something that connects instead of driving a wedge

    Sure, you drive a wedge with your mayo topic and now you want to bring us back together. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    What's the difference in the "Black" powder brands.. ie Goex, Schuetzen, Swiss...

    I know Swiss is superior. I also shoot quite a bit of Goex because I can buy it locally. I have good results with it also. Dirtier but cleans up easy enough.
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    Dixie Gun Works catalog

    I think I know your buddy
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    Dixie Gun Works catalog

    Their catalogs and books were very entertaining.
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    From everything I have been reading, the shortages are demand driven and the manufacturers are and have been producing product at unprecedented levels. I do wonder if their production has shifted away from component items like primers.
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    .36 LK93

    There is one on gunbroker. I have wanted one but this one sure looks rough on the outside. It's suppose to be unfired. I suppose if the bore is good it could be coated.
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    Dixie Gun Works catalog

    Herter's was in my hometown! Waseca, Minnesota.
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    Knight rifles/ km-2000

    That is a White Shotgun.
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    Just for the heck of it I searched for percussion caps on gunbroker. The current bid on some Dynamit Nobel 10.75 caps is $52 for 100 caps. By the time they would get shipped and add sales tax they would come to about 64 cents per cap. Sheez, sometimes we are our own worst enemies.
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    Gun and ammunition prices

    Problem is if everyone does that prices will never go down.
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    In my humble opinion anyone who is paying these high prices for primers and ammo that they aren't in need of deserves the beating they are getting. The hoarders are just making things worse and are enabling unscrupulous people to jack up the prices. Somebody is making a ton of money off this...
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    Stock copier

    Looks like a lot of fun!
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    COVID Vaccines

    Part of reading comprehension is inference and your post followed comments about me getting vaccinated. Clearly I was the one being referred to.I have no desire to report anyone to a moderator nor did I. I do reserve the right to speak my mind.
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    COVID Vaccines

    I have lost a good friend from the virus. If you knew anything about me you would know I'm not a "sheep". I most definitely resent being called one.
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    COVID Vaccines

    Odd how people so easily dismiss information and facts from scientists and dedicated medical professionals but the same people claim conspiracy theories and made up information are the gospel truth.
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    COVID Vaccines

    Got both of mine. No issues.
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    Officially back in the DWB

    Lost lambs returned to the fold. :rolleyes:
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    Whites for sale on other sites

    Big booboo. Still a good rifle
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    Banning trail cams.........

    by I would love to see anyone trespassing at my place get charged with a felony!
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    Whites for sale on other sites

    If the gun is in the condition advertised that will be a great deal for someone! They don't come along too often.