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    .36 LK93

    There is one on gunbroker. I have wanted one but this one sure looks rough on the outside. It's suppose to be unfired. I suppose if the bore is good it could be coated.
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    WANTED/ISO .451 White Whitetail

    Would like one if anyone has one gathering dust.
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    Lyman 457121PH

    This was the first mold I purchased years back for my White .451 Super Safari. It is one of my least expensive molds, I bought it used on ebay and it turned out great. They shoot very accurately for me. The only trouble I have is sometimes they don't drop out of the mold very easily, I wonder if...
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    FOR SALE White Breech Plugs

    3 new white breech plugs, $35 each plus $4 shipping or all 3 for $105 shipped. White 209 breech plug plus striker for super 91, extra spring included. $80 plus $5 shipping White 209 breech plug plus striker for Whitetail or Bison $80 plus $5 shipping
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    FOR SALE Conicals

    100 Bullshop .504-460 grain, $50 plus $8 shipping 100 Bullshop .5045-460grain, $50 plus $8 shipping 135 No Excuses .540-535 grain, $68 plus $12 shipping White Saboted PowerStars 100, $50 plus $10 shipping White Superslugs 40, $20 plus $8 shipping 500 grain conicals I cast out of a...
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    Another question about wads

    I've been wondering about this and thought I'd see what others think. I know when I use wads they normally stick to the bottom of my conicals, probably from a little excess lube. In fact I have recovered wads by my targets. Do you think that this hijacking wad adversely affects the bullets...
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    https://www.gunbroker.com/item/787575210 Could be worth it for parts, I wonder what the trigger looks like
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    kind of off topic but I like this guy

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    Bead Blasting

    Anybody here have any experience bead blasting a barrel? Thinking about trying to do it myself and looking for tips. :idea:
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    Casting Resources

    When I started casting I sought advice from known bullet makers, mainly people from the old DWB forum. People like Rich Tefertiller (Underclocked), Jeff Weedling (Batchief), Larry Hand (Woodgoat), and Ed Mehlig (EdMehlig) were all very generous with their time and knowledge, especially Ed. I...
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    https://www.gunbroker.com/item/751295559 This is the earliest model mk 85 I've seen up for sale. It would be a nice addition to the other mk's I own but I'm not sure if I'd ever shoot it. Don't need it but kind of want it. Somebody hurry up and buy it! Art
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    Three cheers for halloflin for helping me find a laminate stock for my mk-85. :applause: :applause: :applause: :partyman: Art
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    Added one to my mk 85 collection

    I have been interested in a .45 mk 85 for quite a while but you hardly ever see them. I saw this one on Gunbroker and it looks pretty darn nice so I splurged. Now the waiting begins. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/647038065
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    Let's see some pics of your White Rifles Here is my Ultra Mag, Ed sold me this My .451 Super Safari My still unfired .451 Super 91
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    A couple new projectiles I'm casting

    I got a couple new molds. One is for my 54's which I've been wanting and the other is a different design I'm going to try in my 50's. The 54 I'm going to name Fatty Patty. She is .540 in diameter and .975 in length. She weighs 551 grains in pure lead. The other one is Thor Pedo. He is...
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    A couple new projectiles I'm casting

    Sorry, wrong forum
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    I sold some conicals to dbowling. He's a good guy to do business with.
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    50bowhunter is a good honest guy to do business with.
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    mk 85 barrel

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Barrel-Knight-M ... 43e2b1dc8a It looks pretty clean to me. I thought I'd post it here in case anyone might be interested.
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    Rebarrel knight mk 85

    I know there is a wealth of knowledge in this sub-forum so I thought I would see what you thought of this idea. I have quite a few of the older mk 85s that have barrels that are threaded into the receiver. I would like to change one out with a fast twist 45 caliber bull barrel 1" in diameter. I...