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    Not what you ask so forgive the suggestion if it offends you. Years ago when having dental problems friend suggested a padded cheek rest. He used one to deal with similar problem. It laced on where cheek made contact. It does add height, I used higher scope rings. Made a huge difference in felt...
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    Pedersoli 12ga double

    The Skychief load works even in cylinder bore barrels when loaded per his method. Changing anything and saying it doesnt work is like substituting salt for sugar when cooking and saying a recipe doesnt work. After trying it in different smooth bores from 28 gauge to 10, I'm sold on it.
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    beagles/410 pistol

    Grew up with hunting dogs of all types. Bird dogs for quail, hounds and beagles for rabbits, raccoons, deer etc. Best friend and I would sit on tailgate of pickup drink coffee and listen to beagles run. More about listening to dogs run than killing rabbits. Would kill one to eat occasionally. If...