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  1. jcnull2305

    In Stock Percussion Caps

    For anyone to whom this may be of help. #11 caps https://lohmanarms.com/product/cci-11-percussion-caps/ https://www.lg-outdoors.com/Product/Details/2874992?source=A10001
  2. jcnull2305

    Helluva day!

    You's that know me, know that 2020 was a giant kick in the front, central part of the pants for me at work. It's kinda gut-punched all of us. Well, to add to this year's giant Sh!t sandwich, within a 2 month time period, I lost all three of the private land tracts I've been hunting for 20+/-...
  3. jcnull2305

    Swiss BP in Ohio

    If you're one of the Ohio-Based Forum Members, and you're looking for a source for Swiss BP without having to pay the HazMat fees and/or bulk ordering hassle, the Log Cabin Shop, in Lodi, OH, stocks Swiss, along with a lot of other BP types. You won't find it in their online store. I called...
  4. jcnull2305

    Sizing Limits

    I'm getting ready to order a mold from Precision (the 54-510M). I slugged my bore, and took several measurements, and it's slugging right at .540 at the lands. I figured that .541 would be the way to go for loading ease with both clean and fouled. My question is, and I'll be damned if I can...
  5. jcnull2305

    Garage Sale Finds (by accident)

    Hello, you Mayhem-Making, Muzzleloading Miscreants!! So, I was killing some time in Southern Ohio, waiting for my buddy to meet me at our hunting grounds to do some maintenance. He's always late - and there's always an excuse (like, "oh, there was a rollover crash on the way down and the...
  6. jcnull2305

    How much weight can lube add?

    ...or, How much weight would a lube glob add if a lube glob could - never mind! To all you's bullet casting types: I know a lot of you are very persnickety about bullet weights. I was wondering; 1. how much weight could be added by lube, 2. How much can that weight vary, and 3. Does it...
  7. jcnull2305

    **A warning about felt wads**

    I just took delivery of 500 .58 cal lubed felt wads for use in my .54 cal Hawken - per the advice of many, many members. This is my dog, Gryphon. He's a patrol dog. And, yes, he's an idiot. My dog got it in his cement-filled head that my shot wads were treats. Chaos ensued: What makes...
  8. jcnull2305

    BPI Beartooth Magnum Rifle

    I was just given an inline that is marked "BPI - New Frontier Muzzleloading, Beartooth Magnum." It's a .50 cal, 1:28 twist, 24 inch barreled inline that apparently takes a 209 primer. It has no tools with it. Appears to be stainless. Apart from being filthy, it seems to be in good condition...
  9. jcnull2305

    54 Caliber bullet sizer (?)

    I've been looking at moulds for making my own .54's since it seems that it's probably better (or, becoming necessary) to make your own. I've been able to find moulds and presses and all that. The one thing I cannot find is a bullet sizer for .54 cals. I'll likely need .541, and .542. Where...
  10. jcnull2305


    I signed up at the recommendation of Idaho Lewis. I'm here to learn how to wring the most out of my old T/C Hawken rifle. Uh, I don't like piña coladas, or getting caught in the rain. I just say "no" to yoga. I don't even like the beach, let alone long walks on the beach. But I do like the...