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    Loose bullet fit

    I need some advice. I'm shooting a 54 cal. hunterbolt . 90 grains of 777,I made the switch to conicals this year.ordered some 300 gr. Real's.I didn't put in the range time I felt I needed to feel comfortable with them.Deer season came around, I grabbed some great plains bullets. loaded up and...
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    Old Powder? use it or pitch it?

    I'm gonna put this out there , and see what you guys think.About 7 or 8 years ago I bought some Clear Shot powder from GOEX. Powder was sealed in a metal can.I e- mailed GOEX to see if it was ok to use, they told me to pitch it .My thinking is that they said that for liability reasons,not...
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    thank you ,thank you,thank you

    I recently joined this forum , and it has proven profitable already.I happenned to read an old thread about a member who had a CVA blazer. He contacted the company and was told to return it because of a recall.I did the same thing a recently received a cva optima! How awesome is that? The old...
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    just joined

    Hello to all on this forum. Please let me introduce myself. My name is John,I am a retired building tradesman.Quite a few years ago now an old boss of mine looked at me climbing thru the steel,and told me I looked like a ninja . I guessI thought that was kind of cool and it stuck with me.Since...