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  1. jcnull2305

    Stock copier

    That is an interesting question. Especially for me, where I not only have to factor in the cost of the machine, but also the costs of undoubtedly numerous trips to the ER.
  2. jcnull2305

    Ohio deer count

    I think there were a lot more people afield in 2020, too. Funny thing is, we were seeing much fewer dear during the gun season in Vinton county. Much Fewer. I have a friend who's an ODNR Game Warden. He told me they had a lot more poaching cases in 2020. too. Chalk it up to more COVID news...
  3. jcnull2305

    Ruger 10/22

    This is my entirely KIDD 10-22. The stock is one of those Archangels that requires some fitting. The KIDD reciever, Bolt, and +10% recoil spring are super smooth! Comparing with the standard Ruger unit... well, there's no comparison. This rifle LOVES CCI .22 Velocitors! It's a squirrel and...
  4. jcnull2305

    Buffalo Bullet Company?

    Stacy doesn't have time for that. He's been slaving away in his underground laboratory finding a way to use those little red plastic caps in lieu of primers...
  5. jcnull2305

    The word “Weapon” used to describe your Blackpowder Rifle or Pistol

    I'm late to the party here, but we regularly refer to any firearm as "weapons", with the caveat that we use the term mockingly, and say it with a crappy WW2 German accent, as in: "Vere did you put das vipins?"
  6. jcnull2305

    SOLD Green mountain 50 cal LRH

    Yeah. Yeah. Yeah... Now you're just rubbing it in.
  7. jcnull2305

    The End of Auction Sites for the Little Guy?

    You may put down the shovel, Muzzleman. On another note, just so's you guys know, I'm a Libertarian, so I believe all taxation is a legalized form of Government Theft - but I digress from the subject of this thread.
  8. jcnull2305

    The End of Auction Sites for the Little Guy?

    Let's pump the brakes a bit, fellas. I do a lot of contract work for which I get 1099'd. On the surface, it looks bad because the tax rate is ridiculous. However, when filing your taxes with the 1099, the itemized deductions are your friend. See, Uncle Scam and the United States Gub'ment can...
  9. jcnull2305

    Range finder....

    I've been running a Sig Kilo3000 BDX range finding binocular with a Kestrel 5700 Elite. It's a great combo as you can enter ballistic profiles into the systems, then the kestrel and the Sig talk to each other via the Bloo Toof. The Kestrel can send a shot solution to my phone (via the app) or...
  10. jcnull2305

    Not so new

    Not touching that one... Nope!
  11. jcnull2305

    Not so new

    I would have you bear in mind, sir, that twigs and berries have been in use since prehistoric times... :roll: -c'mon, man!! You walked right into that one!!
  12. jcnull2305

    Thank you soldiers and police

    It may be wrong, but I hate you just a little bit. 🤬
  13. jcnull2305

    Not so new

    Rooster, you're being given partial answers here from the MM Fraternity: The way you're *supposed* to do it is go buy an old T/C Hawken or Renegade. Then get 16 different barrels for it in various lengths, calibers, and twist rates. That way you're covered for Sabots, Conicals, Patched Round...
  14. jcnull2305

    Hunting dog poll

    Gryphon the Butcher Von Whitedheim! Das Deutscher Schäferhund!! I mean, he hunts people, but you didn't really specify, so who's fault is that? 🧐
  15. jcnull2305

    Help With My New Tominator

    Ed is spot on. Get a picatinny rail made for that gun - it's a cross-slotted mount for optics. Torque it down about 25 in/lbs to the receiver. Then get a red dot sight as Ed mentioned above. The Vortex Venom Ed has is a great optic. You could also check into a Sig Romeo5. I've talked about them...
  16. jcnull2305

    Nipple Life, BIG Lead, BIG Powder Charges

    I was waiting for that... 😁
  17. jcnull2305

    Home cast slugs

    ... but really, did those things come with an air horn, or an "Oversize Load" placard?
  18. jcnull2305

    Home cast slugs

    That's what she sa...🙄 What!?!?! You know you were all thinkin' it.