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    What's in your cup?

    So true. I have heard it said we are like a tube of toothpaste. when we get squeezed what comes out is what's inside.Hopefully love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self control.Current events in this country have caused me to act like that crazy old guy that...
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    CVA mountain rifle & bobcat

    Powerbelts perform very well on whitetails. most of my kills with them were a Bang- flop. Because of the high cost of them I usually used them for a reload.My frugal nature[ cheapness] bristles at shooting a projectile that costs close to 2 bucks at a critter when a full bore lead bullet costs...
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    Question for Idaholewis?

    I would like to chime in here with my gratitude to Idaholewis. I recently purchased the Frankford Arsenal digital scale he recomended. I weighed some R.E.A.L. bullets I bought off a guy in Tenn. Out of a batch of 50, I had about 35 good ones.It was a real eye opener. THanks for the advice Lewis
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    Lymans & TC

    yep. welcome to the forum.my first muzzle gun was a t/c new englander. 54 cal [ of course]:snipe::2cool:
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    .50 Cal TC Maxi Ball

    thanks for the info [on the scales]
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    .50 Cal TC Maxi Ball

    I have a question for those forum members who weigh their home cast [ or even store bought] bullets.Idaholewis did a video on Youtube about weighing his bullets. It was interesting and informative. I would like to know about different scales. Good ones, ones to avoid.prices and where to...
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    A little humor

    mebbe that's why I can do a sodoku puzzle,but not a crossword:think:
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    A little humor

    13 the elephants weren't going towards the river.the parrots are birds not animals.
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    Imagine if you will.....

    that video of the nurse was chilling.what most don't realize is by the time someone goes to the hosp. they are very ill.the mortality rate is between .5 to 4 % . that means that for every 100 people who contract the virus less than 4 die.a fact that the MSM conveniently omits.Btw I have...
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    From God's Country

    If you're a michigander (sounds like some kind of waterfowl), you're either a yooprr or a troll(someone who lives below the bridge).
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    From God's Country

    Ah the U.P. , where it's said they have 2 seasons .Shoveling and swatting:D
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    just joined

    Howdy Rick B and ninering62 Thanks for the replies. In looking back at my post I realized I wrote I had 3 grandsons,I actually have 4 (#senior moment).wishing everyone here a healthy and prosperous New Year
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    XTP Success

    congrats on the big baldy(I've always said I'd rather shoot a 200 lb. doe than a 100 lb. ten point)
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    CVA Optima snapped in half!!!

    I had an opportunity to interact with both Traditions and CVA in the past year.Traditions basically gave me no satisfaction (thumbs down).Cva onthe other hand replaced a broken Blazer with a brand new Optima.Much better customer service imo.(thumbs up).Dropping a weapon out of a tree is not...
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    The re-introduction of large predators[ bears, wolves, and mt. lions] along with legislative protection is a major part of their agenda.Another aspect of this agenda is the recruiting of anti hunting wildlife agency employees. just MHO
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    leg or not.BTW I am not advocating any illegal behavior.Just Saying
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    I was explaining to a friend at church ( a few years ago) about a couple of neighbors dogs running deer on my huntin spot.He said maybe you should use the 3 "S " method.I wasn't familiar with that .The friend ( who was a deputy sheriff at the time) explained it meant shoot, shovel, and shut...
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    just joined

    It's like the old saying,"If I'd have known I was gonna live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself":elmer:
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    Tattoo tough

    yep,ther e have been times when the grandkids messy diapers have to be moved out of the garage .They make my whole 2 car garage stink like toxic waste.Now that I think about it, mebbe that's why I didn't get a deer this year(I store my hunting clothes in there).How can something so foul come...
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    FTX or XTP?

    xtp= bang flop.