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  1. Danny Ross

    Link to simple, inexpensive chronograph mod
  2. Danny Ross

    Louisiana Hunting Regulations

    I ran across a post about using smokeless powder during primitive weapons season. The post, as it related to Louisiana was incomplete, as it would have to be, given that almost nothing is simple in Louisiana law. This is a link to the LDWF web site:
  3. Danny Ross

    The Paper Jacket by Paul A Matthews

    If anyone is interested in shooting paper patched bullets, they will find this book useful. The author was writing circa 1990, so the availability of a wide variety of papers was much greater than it is now, but it still is an interesting publication. I have a paper copy I bought at a gun show...
  4. Danny Ross

    Homemade version of Ideal Cylindrical Adjustable Mould

    I recently found a picture of an old Ideal mould in The Paper Jacket by Paul Matthews. Matthews also included a picture of his version:
  5. Danny Ross

    Making a QRBP from a 5/8" x 15 x 2" bolt

    Most CVA and Rossi muzzleloader rifles take breech plugs that are 5/8" x 15 threads per inch. The easiest way to make a breech plug to fit these rifles is to start with a Grade 8 bolt that can be purchased for a couple of dollars online. I have found them on Ebay and at Home Depot. If you are a...
  6. Danny Ross

    Old CVA Optima Pro modified to QRBP

    One of the test beds I use when trying out new versions of of breech plugs is an old CVA Optima Pro. I noticed that the standard breech plug in this rifle is only supported by threads in the barrel; the 209 primers just barely contact the receiver. Looking at it, I decided that I could modify it...
  7. Danny Ross

    Book: The Paper Jacket by Paul A. Matthews

    I bought a copy of this book at a gun show in Gulfport, Mississippi yesterday. It was written in 1990, and is still available. I found copies on Ebay, at Amazon, and at Track of the Wolf, and there are places to buy ebook copies. I did a Google Search and a cursory reading of comments seems to...
  8. Danny Ross

    Light, cheap loads for smoleless muzzleloaders

    Note: these loads are for muzzleloaders specially rated for use with smokeless powder. They should not be used in rifles the manufacturers of which tell users to use only black powder or black powder substitutes. The data produced is specific to the individual rifles in which they were tested...
  9. Danny Ross

    Post in Smokeless Muzzleloading deleted

    I posted in the thread "In praise of Alliant Unique propellant" and reported on using Unique loads in modern inline muzzleloaders, mostly CVA Optima Pro and Rossi .50 models, as well as CVA V2's. My post was deleted on the grounds that "newbies could get the wrong idea". Per Modern Muzzleloader...
  10. Danny Ross

    Some muzzleloading arms are subject to Gun Control Act

    Some muzzleloading arms are subject to Gun Control Act: Cartridge firearms converted to muzzleloaders Thompson Center G2 Contender 209-45 Thompson Center Encore 209-50 The H&R 1871 Huntsman Rossi S50 Mauser 98 fitted with a muzzle loading barrel Remington 870 fitted with a muzzle loading barrel...
  11. Danny Ross

    In praise of Alliant Unique propellant

    I first used Unique almost 60 years ago when I helped load 45-70 cartridges for a friend's original trapdoor Springfield. As I remember it, we loaded 13 grains and filled most of the case with oatmeal. It worked. We also loaded 44-40 cartridges for his Colt Single Action Army revolvers with it...
  12. Danny Ross

    Difference between Smokeless and Smokeles Alternative Forums

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the Smokeless Muzzleloading and the Smokeless Alternative Muzzleloading Forums? When I go to the Alternative Forum, I get the (You have insufficient privileges to post here.) Very confusing.
  13. Danny Ross

    Article about Savage 10ML II - Think outside the box.

    I keep seeing threads about the Savage 10 ML II, and how it is - or was - the only production muzzle loader in which it is safe to use smokeless powders. Then I read about them blowing up, and how Savage discontinued them. I found this article, which seems to be by a writer who has done a lot...
  14. Danny Ross

    Link to thread detailing Old Fashioned Bullet Swaging

    I wrote this thread for the black powder section of The High Road. I hope it may be of interest to some here: Besides a bullet swage, all that is needed is a lead core and a hammer.
  15. Danny Ross

    Book: The Muzzle-Loading Cap Lock Rifle

    This book is, in my opinion, the most authoritative ever written on the subject. The author, Ned Roberts (think .257 Roberts), as born in 1866 and died in 1948, and his lifetime encompassed the highest development of the art. He knew many of the great rifle-makers personally. I bought a hard...