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  1. 03mossy

    Why suffer

    yes sir metal roof for sure. Plan on a 12” over hang on the high and low ends and roughly 6” on the sides.
  2. 03mossy

    Why suffer

    Got the "Big Buddy" for this stand! Will be able to hunt in jeans and a sweatshirt no matter the outside temp.
  3. 03mossy

    What's in your cup?

    Thats good!
  4. 03mossy

    Why suffer

    Since I lost my deer lease up north I figured why not put the extra energy into a new stand on the family farm in SW MN. My current stand down there is 12' up on telephone poles we built 15 years ago. It doesn't have a roof so the rain/wind/snow/sun have pretty much destroyed it. I am building a...
  5. 03mossy

    Jeff Quinn

    I just heard Jeff Quinn of Gunblast passed away. Loved his videos! Strait to the point reviews without sugar coating things.
  6. 03mossy

    Encore/Brux .45 BH209 loads?

    After thinking this over for a while if at all possible I am wanting to go back to either BH209 or even 777 out of my smokeless build. I just do not feel I shoot enough to be comfortable shooting smokeless powder. The few times I have out of this gun I haven't enjoyed it. I always have at least...
  7. 03mossy

    Renegade Laminate stock

    That’s enough bickering you two. Keep it on topic and stop with the insults.
  8. 03mossy

    New Muzzleloader/s Owner - Texas

    Welcome aboard
  9. 03mossy

    Modern Muzzleloader Decal

    Mine arrived today. They look great!!!
  10. 03mossy

    It took 35

    Your gonna have some fun! Don’t think there is a more fun gun out there than a good old Ruger 10/22. My 10/22 Carbine my dad bought when he was 10, gave it to me for my 10th birthday. My son is 9 and already knows what’s getting handed down to him in a few months on his birthday. 10,000’s of...
  11. 03mossy

    2020 hunting

    Very cool pics! Sorry to hear about your pup. They become part of the family.
  12. 03mossy

    Carter hello

  13. 03mossy

    McDonald's Drive-Thru

    Either way Jack it’s a damn funny story. I’ve had it come through emails a few different times and I laugh each time.
  14. 03mossy

    So you have a home range

    I hate those damn things! When I see a nest the war is on as soon as the sun goes down. When we first got our hunting lease in ‘06 I was using a walk behind brush hog and tore into a ground hive. Got swarmed by a pissed off bunch of wasps. Got to the wheeler and made it back to camp where I...
  15. 03mossy

    For the love of God

    I work with retirees so natural having clientele in that age bracket we deal with a lot of death. I could right a book on the BS I have seen that family members do after someone passes and how it just rips families apart. When we have a new client come on board step one is make sure they have a...
  16. 03mossy


    That’s darn clever!
  17. 03mossy

    Played with the HMR

    Big 17 hmr fan also! My old beat up Savage 17 is the cheapest gun I own with the cheapest scope and it’s the gun I shoot the most. Stays out in the shop and gets covered in sawdust constantly. A quick dust off with the air compressor and it’s ready for any vermin that trespasses.
  18. 03mossy

    Traditions Kentucky Pistol Kit .50 cal Percussion Loads

    Thanks guys. Was exactly what I needed.
  19. 03mossy

    Traditions Kentucky Pistol Kit .50 cal Percussion Loads

    I got this kit a few years ago and finally will have it done and ready to shoot in a few days. Will be using 777fffg and round balls. Anyone have any recommendations on loads?
  20. 03mossy

    Greetings from LaBelle Texas

    Welcome aboard