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  1. 03mossy

    Why suffer

    Since I lost my deer lease up north I figured why not put the extra energy into a new stand on the family farm in SW MN. My current stand down there is 12' up on telephone poles we built 15 years ago. It doesn't have a roof so the rain/wind/snow/sun have pretty much destroyed it. I am building a...
  2. 03mossy

    Jeff Quinn

    I just heard Jeff Quinn of Gunblast passed away. Loved his videos! Strait to the point reviews without sugar coating things.
  3. 03mossy

    Encore/Brux .45 BH209 loads?

    After thinking this over for a while if at all possible I am wanting to go back to either BH209 or even 777 out of my smokeless build. I just do not feel I shoot enough to be comfortable shooting smokeless powder. The few times I have out of this gun I haven't enjoyed it. I always have at least...
  4. 03mossy

    Traditions Kentucky Pistol Kit .50 cal Percussion Loads

    I got this kit a few years ago and finally will have it done and ready to shoot in a few days. Will be using 777fffg and round balls. Anyone have any recommendations on loads?
  5. 03mossy

    States than did away with “shotgun zones”?

    MN has proposed new legislation that is in the very early stages to do away with the shotgun only zones. Right now the southern half of the state is shotgun only. Superkirby and I have been discussing how it would affect us and what we think the pros and cons are. I worry about the slob slug...
  6. 03mossy

    Fast food!

    This is just too funny not to share!
  7. 03mossy

    Well now what....

    Since 2006 we have leased 350 acres in northern MN from Potlatch (paper company). It butted up to a couple thousand acres of state land. There were 8 of us in the lease but only 6 of us with our families used it. We had year-round rights to it for camping and hunting. Shot deer, bear, grouse...
  8. 03mossy

    Question for TN hunters

    In MN my daughter can wear he “Blaze Pink” gear as the law changed last year to allow pink. We are heading down to TN tonight where she is going to hunt a couple nights with her grandpa. Will her pink be legal or does it need to be blaze orange?
  9. 03mossy

    11 year old daughter connects!!

    A quick back story on this. 3 weeks ago my daughter and I hunted the youth hunt. She had a doe broadside at 20 yards but although it was legal shooting time it was still to dark to see her sights. She tried and tried but she made the smart decision and din't pull the trigger on a shot she was...
  10. 03mossy

    Lower scope mount Knight Littlehorn

    My daughters scope on her Littlehorn sits to high for her to comfortably use. It has the standard Warne 2 piece bases and Leupold QRW low rings. The scope is a Vortex Diamondback 2-7x35. Can any one recommend a ring base combo to get the scope lower?
  11. 03mossy

    FOR SALE Garmin Oregon 450

    In great shape no scratches on screen. I am only selling cause I bought a new Garmin Inreach for the texting and SOS feature and don’t need two. $150 shipped
  12. 03mossy

    Encore build "Neptune" done!

    This build is many years in the making. Every couple of years I sell a muzzleloader or two to fund the next build or purchase. Each time doing an Encore build was one of the finalists but for one reason or another I always went a different route, not this time. I have been gathering parts since...
  13. 03mossy

    Bye bye dust!

    So a quick backstory to this project. Our old house I had my own big room in the basement with all my gun and reloading stuff set up on a huge workbench I built. We moved 3 years ago and the new house had no such room for me. I figured no big deal I could leave everything set up in the garage...
  14. 03mossy

    TRADE WTT .45 460 No Excuse conicals for .54 conicals

    I have 2 sealed boxes of .45 460 grain no excuse conicals I would like to trade for .54 conicals for my Knight MK-85 .54. I no longer have a .45 conical shooter and would like some for my .54. Thanks
  15. 03mossy

    Log book

    With this new build I have in the works once I start shooting I want to really keep track of things and keep good records of each and every shot, load data, etc. I’ve said this before with new guns but this time I’m serious lol. Anybody else do this and have a good notebook they would recommend...
  16. 03mossy


    Dealt with Lou a few times now and this latest transaction went perfect, well except UPS trying to ruin it! Would deal him with again and probably will down the road.
  17. 03mossy

    SOLD Knight .45 1-20" Mountaineer/Ultra-lite

    Knight Mountaineer .45 1-20" with an Ultra-Lite stock This gun is from the first two batches of these .45 1-20" guns that Knight made a couple years ago. Its #42. When I got the gun it had pretty serious blow bye. I sent it back to Knight and Justin at Knight worked his magic and now the action...
  18. 03mossy


    trying to figure out posting pics
  19. 03mossy

    Gerber warranty thumbs up

    Ive always been a fan of Gerber knives and multi tools and have owned many over the years. I switched the Learherman multitools but still use Gerber knives. Sure there not Benchmade level knives but at a quarter the price also. I have had 4 of them break in one way or the other and have just...
  20. 03mossy

    Shots per year?

    There was a discussion on another post that got me curious. Who here shoots more than a 100 shots out of their muzzleloaders per year. Most guys I know personally fire 2 or 3 rounds down range after the firearms season and call it good if their on good enough to kill at 50 yards. Personally in a...