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    cva wolf

    i had my cva wolf out hunting a few days and wanted to make a few comments. the gun shoots very good. i sighted in for 125 yds. the hornady 300 gr with red sabot and 80 weighed gr of bh 209 grouped a moa at that range . that by itself makes the gun a keeper for me ..........but, i have seen [not...
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    i have been poking around the internet looking for trajectory charts for black powder bullets. not having a lot of luck. plenty of ''apps'' that will figure it for you. anyway......i came across some testing a shooter did with different bullets. according to his tests the most efficient bullets...
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    cva wolf tight barrel

    hi all, posting this to report what i found and to hear others experience . got the sample packs of fury 50 cal. jacketed bullets for my new cva wolf. after fouling the barrel i started with the .501 diameter. i have no reason to ever try that again. it was so tight i was afraid i was going to...
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    proven load

    hi all, just bought a cva wolf . plan to extend my centerfire rifle season with a 150 yd gun instead of the 50yd percussion/ball i have now. any recommendations for a sabot /propellant that performs well in your cva. 24'' ss barrel, shotgun shell primer. thanks, bob noffs
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    best chair

    hi all, i used to pick up those 30 yr old alum. lawn chairs at garage sales for $2 and use for really comfortable seats in ground stands. now i think the latest style,fold up like an umbrella with cloth covering is more comfortable, probably because of the cloth arms.anyway............these...
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    pouch/container for hunting

    hi all, i am looking to buy something to carry your supplies/ equipment for a day of deer hunting. not for a range day.this will be a gift so i am looking for something really nice. appreciate it.
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    stainless or blued

    hi all, new to this forum. i have a percussion gun that i have hunted with for 30 yrs. time to look at an inline and scope.after bowhunting 50 yrs i also bought a crossbow this year. i am looking at cva wolf and cva western model. with the wolf i get 209 primers but a blued barrel and with...