1,200 Yard .50 Cal, 610 Grease Groove (My 1st attempt with the BIG Bore at this Distance)

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Feb 15, 2020
Thank you ALL for the kind words, We have a good group of Men here on Modern Muzzleloader :lewis: These Old Side hammer Muzzleloaders, and Shooting them Long Range is a Passion of mine, I might even be a little bit nuts about it? Can’t tell huh? :p

I am proud of each and every long Range shoot i get to do, I don’t do it to Bragg/Boast, I HONESTLY Don’t, I do it because i love it. If i can inspire someone else to pick up an Old Side Hammer rifle, and help them accomplish the same thing as i get with them, That TRULY means as much to me as doing it myself, I GENUINELY Mean that! These Old Side Hammer Rifles setup properly are EVERY BIT as capable as ANYTHING out there :lewis:

I plan to do a little Video series on how i fit a Barrel to a Stock, Wedge key Fit (IMPORTANT) My loading routine, how i get in to my Rifle when i shoot, Anything i can think of that i feel might help a fellow Shooter :lewis:
I really look forward to the video, as I am ready to save up for, and order a Rice,1" across the flats Octagon, 4140CM steel, 1:14" Fast Twist, .45 caliber, drop-in barrel to fit a Thompson Center Renegade stock.

I plan to have Jerry Dove, at Dove's Custom Guns, to machine integral, Talley, scope ring dovetail bases, 0.100" deep, into the rear 8" of the breech/breech plug.

That way, a Lyman 57 receiver sight can be mounted on the tang, and with the press of a button, the slide/sight of the 57 can be removed, and a scope mounted to the barrel with Talley, Signature Series, Q-D, Lever scope rings.

I don't know if there will be sufficient clearance, but Montana Vintage Arms sells a Magnum Hadley Eyedisc with 15 apertures (up to 0.115" dia.) threaded 7/32-40; which will fit the 57 receiver sight. The Magnum Eyedisc is 2" in diameter.

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