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Jan 9, 2022
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I shot my Stainless 50 Omega today. Had some leftover 300 gr Precision Dead Centers in the correct yellow boat tail crushed rib sabot. These are a snug fit in my stainless Omega. Having never used Blackhorn before I loaded up a dozen BH tubes with 80 grains volume, (63Grains by weight) and brought along the chronograph. On a VERY shaky lightweight camping table I was able to shoot a 2 1/2” group at 100 yards with velocity averaging 1650 fps. I bumped the charge to 100 grains by volume and shot one .452 XTP 300 grain in a black crushed rib sabot. Velocity jumped to 1880. To much recoil for me with that load. Used Federal 209a primers for them all.

I have a couple of take aways.

1. So the Blackhorn is fabulous, and I have never had such an easy cleanup in all my years of muzzleloader shooting. I made sure the projectile was seated firmly
for each shot and a follow up second shot was easily loaded without swabbing the bore, although it was tight. The XTP seemed to load a little easier on the last shot.

2. The Omega had zero blowby with the o-ring in the primer pocket. Lock up is not an issue and the primers were all clean as a whistle. The trigger on this stainless gun is really crisp
and I am extreme happy with the rifles performance today. I had a very crappy rest to shoot off of but I am good to go for Ohio’s ML season starting this Saturday.

after season closes next week I am going to do more testing with a bunch of conicals I have on hand to see if the QLA effects my accuracy. I will also be using the sub bridge base with those bullets. All in all a good day. The Omega is a damn good rifle. Hard to believe I never had one before now.1C874B97-8679-4AB2-8B95-192B92218400.jpeg

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