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FOR SALE .45 cal Buffalo bullets, maxi ball and maxi hunter

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Dec 10, 2015
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Various .45 caliber maxi balls, maxi hunters and Buffalo bullets. The ones that are lubed have dried up and will
Need to be relubed

5 packs of Buffalo bullet hollow base 285 grain

1 pack of Buffalo bullet 325 grain flat base

3 boxes of unlubed 255 grain maxi hunters

6 boxes of unlubed 245 grain maxi ball

4 boxes of 240 grain lubed maxi ball

2 boxes of 320 grain lubed maxi hunter

2 boxes of 190 grain lubed maxi hunter

Asking 12$ a box plus shipping..can combine for a package deal
Or have them All for 150$ shipped

B934A666-33D0-4169-BE48-49D7701A26B3.jpeg A0AFCEE4-D906-4EAB-B3DC-7003408FB14E.jpeg 3FF26415-07CF-4921-9980-F0A6F67B515D.jpeg CD226C79-B60A-4127-B84D-5F616EC1D8D2.jpeg
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