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SOLD .45 cal precussion

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Mar 22, 2016
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This rifle has a Pecatoncia stock and a .50 cal T/C barrel that was relined by Bob Hoyt to .45 cal with a 1:20 twist. I also had Bob put a dovetail in the barrel so I could mount a semi-buckhorn sight on. There are 2 screw holes that I plugged and filed down (see pic - also that's a piece of fuzz not a scratch). There is also a slight ring in the bore just ahead of the breech where I loaded a tight bullet and thought it was over the charge. Its so close to the breech that it doesn't affect accuracy.
I don't need it after getting my Rice barrel and my Seneca and GPR. I'll give you a great deal at $275 + shipping. The reline from Hoyt was over $200 alone.
20230605_142731.jpg 20230605_142144.jpg 20230605_142210.jpg 20230605_142241.jpg 20230605_142302.jpg 20230605_142029.jpg
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Jan 21, 2015
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I'd consider it a keeper. Good looking rifle, IMHO.