SOLD .54 TC Hawken

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Apr 2, 2007
Well guys, I picked this one up at a gun show about three years ago. Didn’t need it but couldn’t pass up a TC Hawken with a 1” across the flats barrel. They are getting rare. Anyway, my intention was to remove the scope mount, refinish the stock and polish the bore (or maybe send it to Bobby Hoyt to bore out to .58 caliber). It looks like there's some nice wood grain under that factory stain.

I’ve never gotten around to that project and it keeps slipping farther down on my list. So it’s time to move it along. The bore is lightly frosted near the muzzle but not terribly bad. Although it will shoot just fine without modification, I think an hour or two with fine steel wool and polishing compound will have the bore shining like new. The pictures make the bore look worse than it really is.

Price is $350 to your door ($300 & $50 shipping). I hate adding that much for shipping, but last week I sent a Lyman Great Plains to fellow in Oregon and the shipping was $53.10.

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