Biggest buck to date!

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Oct 14, 2019
november 16th the second day of firearm season here in Michigan I decided to grab my t/c omega and head over to my archery hunting spot as I seen nothing the day before on state land. Normally I wouldn’t hunt with a gun at this spot because it’s so think along the river bank on the 4 acre parcel we have.but I took on of my muzzleloaders anyways since it was already loaded fork the day before..2pm I get to my spot and I check the trail camera..somewhat disappointed that I was t their that noting the camera caught 3 bucks and multiple does between 7am and 9 am all decent shooter bucks. So I got in mybstnd and hopes for the best..mind you i hunt calls, no scents. I hang my stands on runs going to and from feeding and beddinga areas..always hunted this way and find it the most successful.

After about 30 minutes of sitting I look to my right and about 75 yards out insee a doe..but behind her I can see a rack moving in the thickets..bigger than any of the bucks I had on camera that day! Knowing I had a good chance to raise my rifle I grabbed it shouldered it and cocked the hammer back. Watching through my scope I cannnow see his body but the trees are to thick for a certain kill shot. So I wait..while waiting 3 other smaller bucks emerge from the brush into the hardwoods behind him and the doe and the doe moves off along the thickets parallel with me and the big buck follows..they are steadily were moving away. As they moved off the other bucks came right down the trail towards me feeding on acorns..I was heart broke as the big buck followed the doe into the thickets and disappeared...I glasses the brush line and couldn’t see them anymore..I began watching the smaller bucks around me now just 20 yards 8pt a 5 pt and a spike..all within close range. Knowing the big one was around I decided not to shoot and to just enjoy the view..good decision too..

After ten minutes of watching the bachelor group of younger bucks the doe appears straight in front of me emerging from the thickets..sure enough hot on her trail is that big buck..looking at him all I knew was he was big..I didn’t bother counting or inspecting the rack..they cane closer..the small 8 approached them and the bigger deer charged and snort wheezed at was like I was watching a hunting show! After shoving off the smaller buck he began to follow the doe right to me..I got him in the scope and watched as he came into about 40 yards..the doe now feeding on acorns as he sniffed the dirt around her..he wouldn’t turn broadside..facing me with his head down..I thought to myself he already evaded me inches he put his head down again I set the crosshairs on the center of his neck and ever so slightly squeezed off the trigger..

Bang flop and he was down..Barnes tez 250 with 110 grains of bh209 dropped him.. after i shit I was soo excited I couldn’t reload correctly..most of the bh209 fell beside the barrel as I was about to fill my doe tag as well as all the deer just stood around and watched the big buck kick around for about 20 seconds..knowing I didn’t have all the powder in the barrel I decided not to shoot the doe as I was afraid I didn’t have enough of a charge for an ethical kill..the buck was actually one I had on camera and was chasing on another Property during bow season over a mile away! Biggest buck to date! Scored 148.5 inches!
Thats a dandy congratulations !!! That river bottom huntin is great isnt it !!! My tree stand broke on me while up in the air 32ft during bow season 25yrs ago . I will no longer climb a tree cuz no matter how hard i flapped my arms the impact was quite severe . Put an 8" deep body impression into CLAY on the ground below while breaking leg sized branches on the way down . Lol , No More Trees !!!!! Now is ground hunting ONLY for me !!! That makes it Really Tough for river bottom shictangle big buck hunting !!!!! If you ever get tired of the altitude my best advice is use Big Lead of well over 600 gr if possible !!! Where i go tracking /shooting is about impossible without monster bullets . Nice job and be carefull up there !!!!!!!
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Aug 30, 2015
Exarcher, sometimes, it's who your hunting partner is that makes any trophy even more meaningful.

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