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For the rest of the week, code XLDAPRIL gets 10% off on Arrowhead XLD 40 and 45cal bullets purchased through the website. The code also works for LR Series Bullets (formerly called X-series) and Arrowhead Gen2 Modules. Also, the new scope base and bolt stop are up on the website too.

45cal XLD bullets:

Scope Base:
New Remington 700 cope Bases
While there's lots of great scope bases on the market, there wasn't one that met all my requirements.

Arrowhead Bolt Stop (Remington 700 and clones)

Arrowhead Gen2 Modules are easier to load when the bolt head stops in the loading port. Previously, this was accomplished by machining a bolt stop into the receiver--not a project for most people to try at home. The new Arrowhead bolt stop doesn't require any modifications to the receiver.

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