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Oct 4, 2019
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Just got a used Endeavour barrel for my 6th Encore (3rd Pro Hunter) I’ve owned. Anyhow this barrel came with a spare used breech plug. The spare plug flash channel was almost plugged completely and took multiple drill bit sizes to get it cleaned out and finally accept a 1/8” bit. This plug has a flash hole of 0.054” in size. The plug in the barrel wasn’t as bad in the flash channel and flash hole of 0.033”. Both measured with pin gauges.
My questions…
Can these speed breech plugs be modified to fit a liner effectively?
Anybody have a contact for new plugs in Canada?
With a load of 90g Pyro P and saboted projectile in the 240gr-300gr, how much further life can I expect from the current plug?
Thanks all
Mar 22, 2016
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First thing I'd do is toss that BP with the .054" flash hole unless you can get it modified for a vent liner. Not sure of a contact in Canada but I'd give Tom at Badger Ridge Industries a call and see if he can do that for you. That would be a pretty good solution. And if he can do the mod you can order some vent liners from him and have them shipped back with the BP. One shipping charge!