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Confederate rifleman

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Feb 21, 2008
I am not the easiest man to impress. But I AM impressed. The skill and dedication this hunter/ rifleman exhibits, is inspirational.
I'm a short range hunter myself. Past 150 and its " Have a nice day". Its not something I would try, but its good to know it can be done with the right conditions, the right equipments and most importantly, the right shooter.
Some are no doubt shaking their heads. But as a group we must get past the notion that if its not done our way, it was done wrong. I get this all the time being an inliner in Pennsylvania( Sorry. The thing under the barrel is not a tubular magazine. Its a rammer)
Hat's off to you sir, for a fine rifle, a fine shot, a fine recovery and for sharing your hard earned knowledge.
Our sport is better for it.


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Oct 14, 2019
Wow , you really laid it on the line ! I ESPECIALLY like your ethics and openness of genuine care for the doe hit not so good . That you would make a video out of concern for the Animals involved and that your Fellow Man could possibly not go through this...that is a truly good man . Jesus you see this ? Bless that sting Lord he has away. Amen ? Amen !!! My centerfire is a 300 win mag and 500, maybe 600 is my absolute limit . You Sir , are a very very good shot . Ive bought a 700mls awhile back to convert to sml one day within its and my limits . I believe youll be the one to do it from what ive seen here . Your rifle is beautiful but i really like who built it ... Thank You just doesnt cover it !!!
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Jan 18, 2021
Watched this video a few times. Very honest video by an honest shooter/hunter. Appreciated. Thanks