how to value used rifle?

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Nov 14, 2019
I am debating selling my rifle. I do no t use it because i really don't enjoy hunting with it. Do knight rifles hold there value? 52. cal mountaineer shot less then dozen times. I like using the pellets rather then loose powder so that is another reason I dont enjoy hunting with it.


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Jun 15, 2018
That’s a hard thing, I personally love the 52 , I have 3 , but that’s me, not much interest in it from what I see. Then they go on sale from knight from time to time at a very good price. There is a disc extreme on armslist for 495 with glass, it’s been there a long time so that tells you something. If it were me I would buy the extreme th stock for 140 and sell the laminate. I put one of my long range hunters in one and it makes a big difference to carry. But I love that big stock sitting in a box blind. They are extremely accurate with 110 grains fff and 325 ftx . Good luck