I Like this Sheriff

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Dec 7, 2016
Its sure a mess here in Minneapolis. I think if the Chief of Police and the Governor would have reacted like that Florida sheriff did we'd have seen a lot less problems. I don't know the particulars on it but home owner or store owner was armed trying to protect his property and is in jail now. This mess hits pretty close to home since we have a son-in-law who's a captain on the Minneapolis Fire Department and is stationed in the center of this hot spot. The department just took possession of a new, over a million dollar, truck and it now looks like its been in war with dents and broken valves from bricks that have been thrown and people using crowbars and sledge hammers to beat on valves so hoses cannot be attached or used which prevents the truck from fighting fires. The personnel have been assaulted, shot at, been hit with bricks and rocks and had to dodge gas and kerosene grenades as they attend to fires. Right about now I'd be all for civilians being able to plink these outsiders who are doing all the damage

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