Killer Instinct 415 Makes a Bullseye 100 Yard Shot

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Far Sighted

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Nov 22, 2018
Have you experienced long range shooting with a crossbow?

A month I was inspired to shoot longer distances because some of my friends were trying 80 yards. I tried it a bit before but never enough to learn much.
To start I began shooting at 40 yards then worked up. I wanted to confirm my Ripper 415 and Hawke XB30 Compact scope were tuned to the scopes reticle scheme which range is 10-100 yards with one unknown bottom posts.
Soon I found that I had discover something special with the equipment and my skills.

Yes! My Ripper and Hawke scope are tuned to the max.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it happen. Maybe it will inspire some of you to give long range crossbow shooting a try. It is a thrill to way 0.84 seconds for the arrow to hit the target and watch hit bullseye. The arrow drop is about 96 inches starting at 400 fps.