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" Good Group " sir, would you like to borrow my glasses & have another look?
The POI was 6"Left x 4" Low from POA ^ they impacted perfectly sideways.
Yes, I'm shooting sized bullet to bore .40. I have approx 5lb of downforce to load. The 200g SW's & the 225g ST2P are sized the same.
Thanks, I'll knurl up a few bullets for a little tighter fit & see how that does. I'll drop my charges down some too & bring the avg MV into the 2600fps range & see if they stabilize there. If not, I'm off to another bullet. I have a cpl bags of 240g OT's which is what I built the gun to shoot, but I also saw that it should stabilize the 225g in the same velocity range as well. That clearly IS NOT the case!
Wow I was being sarcastic. Good luck on your adventure of finding what works for your gun.
I know you already know this, but it's worth saying again,
When you make an adjustment on your die and the bullet needs more pressure to push down the tube, be sure and drop your charge by 10% or more just to be safe.
The .40 builds pressure like crazy fast! Let your chrony be your guide. Every bullet is different. I believe the bearing surface of the bullet plays a big role in pressure. The 240 gr.Fury 401 OT bullet will build more pressure than a Pittman 225 or 250 grain Accumax bullet in my gun I dropped 4 grains of powder using the Fury 240 gr. compared to the Pittman and still @ 3050fps.
Yes, I am aware of that. But as you said, it is worth it to mention that again. There is no " being too safe " with this.

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