New to rifles in Fayetteville NC

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New Member
May 23, 2021
Some years ago my wife bought me a beat up .44 cal Navy cap and ball pistol from an antique dealer. Besides pitting in the barrel the gun seemed to be in good shape so I took it to a gunsmith to look it over. He said with old black powder pistols I could fire it until it fell apart. I started shooting it the next day after buying the equipment. I had the gun for several years and found I enjoyed everything about shooting black powder. This year I decided I wanted to get back into black powder and bought a CVA Wolf .50 cal and started shooting with pellets and power belts. We will see how this works out.


Imlay City Michigan
Mar 9, 2019
I have a Wolf and have killed many deer with it. Im very happy with the gun . I prefer loose powder and bullets with sabots at least for that gun. But thats only me. If your using 209 primers you will like it better with a primer crush fit.

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