Pup viciously attacked on SD hunt

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Dec 26, 2016
Since interviewing several breeders, investing in a pup, obedience, and hunt training, and the time to work and bond with my pup, I am convinced dogs are he best part of bird hunting.

I accepted an invitation for a hunt in SD from a close friend even though questioning one of the members of the party was something less than a sportsman; shooting birds on the ground, taking other's shots, and shooting in the direction of and over other hunters. I figured I would just be watchful, and keep my distance as this " hunter" is loud mouthed and insulting anyway.

My pup being just 2 is fantastically coming into her own, and on the first two fields was flushing birds the other dogs had missed and retrieving across the field. On piling into the back of the pickup the birds in one corner the gentlemen referred to above's golden lab nipped at my pup and the other dogs for sniffing the birds. My pup was startled as she gets along with all dogs and being a family pet allows any child to poke and pull her tail without protest but after giving her a treat it was soon forgotten.

However on getting out of the truck while she stood next to me this gentlemen's golden lab charged my pup from twenty feet away, no birds in sight, and viciously attacked my pup. I immediately tried to separate them and the golden turned lunged at me knocking me to the ground. Pulling them free I proceeded to stay to assess the damage disinfect and apply first aid while the golden's owner laughed about that teaching a lesson, no remorse or apology and urging to get back to the hunt.

12 puncture wounds, one next to her eye, swelling it closed and requiring a specialist to determine any eyesite damage, and or fracture to the orbital bone, several savage bites in and around her mouth preventing her from eating for several days, and at first indicating a cracked tooth that might require extraction, but the dental specialist determined chipped and could be ground.

I left the hunt to attend to my pup, which as agitated as I was probably prudent. My friend graciously offered to this gentlemen to shoot his dog, which later attacked another member of the party's dog.

Good news- pup has healed, no impairment, has hunted well here at home this last weekend.
Bad news - out of pocket unused SD out of state license, hotel non refundable, gas to and from, thousands of dollars in vet bills and worry.
Besides the disappointment for missing a great hunting opportunity, my pup is a family member and to suffer a vicious attack from someone who not only does not take responsibility to train or control his dog, actually laughs about it is difficult to resolve.

Being a non- resident to the area of the incident makes it difficult to press charges, and the legal fees would cost more than compensation for my vet bills. I moreover feel responsible to do something as this golden is a time bomb and do not want to see a maimed child on the news, wishing that I had ...

While at the pet store yesterday my pup made friends with a huge, over 100 lb golden and we're friends in a minute, I wish I could get over this and put it behind me as well as she has.
With respect,

Moose, that is very definitely unacceptable. My congratulations to you for keeping your cool. I could pretty much guarantee that if it were me, the initial outcome wouldn't be the same. You should definitely consult a lawyer for some legal advice.