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Discussion in 'Shooting Techniques and Tips' started by ENCORE50A, Jul 11, 2019.

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    My first time cleaning the T-Rex was a PITA. I just happened to see Levi on FB and sent him PM about how the heck to clean it.
    Levi's response: "Just spray it with Windex w/D, let it set for a minute, then spray it again and it'll clean right up. Don't forget to dry and lubricate it."

    I remember there was a post about Ammonia D, but I will say, it works PERFECT. Simple and quick.

    So...……. (here I go thinking again)…… there was once a post about cleaning and reusing patches. So what the heck, if Windex/D will clean the brake that easily, will it clean patches? Took the Ranger to our new "Dollar General", and for $4 picked up to large refill bottles. Placed a bunch of swabbing patches in a plastic ice cream bucket, poured in a bottle and will let them soak over night. Heck, it might work.

    PS...…… Way to windy to shoot today, so to much time to think :)

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