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Down here in Florida in the 80's I used to be able to go out off shore less than 5 miles and catch a Dorado (dolphin) for dinner and one for tomorrow. Same with Kingfish and Snapper. At the same time the "sport" fishermen were sitting offshore glassing the horizon for guys like me in a school of fish and once I got one on they'd come and take the whole school, filling their boats and selling the fish at the dock to pay for the gas in their gas guzzlers.

Small boat fishermen were just as bad filling up their coolers and selling at the docks, and boy you could hear them squeal when size limits for game fish came about, AND prohibition from selling them. The final Kabosh for them came when we got a saltwater license.

At the same time the commercial guys would fill their hulls with immature dolphin and brag how they decimated more than one of the schools of "Pygmy" dolphin. It made me sick.

By the time I moved off the island, I was going out 25-35 miles to get a single fish but more often than not I got zip. The "sport fishermen" and commercial guys were squealing like stuck pigs but they caused the problem by not having any restraint. Nowadays I'm happy when the govt. steps in and starts to manage fish stocks.